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Best Vehicle?


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Me? Give up.? Nah.


Anyway, the full name of Yarvin 4 would be "The Fourth Moon of Yarvin". Being as Yarvin 4 is a moon.


Oh, and Arena sucks IMHO, you loose as SOON as the enemy gain control of the centre command post. At least it's good for shooting stupid Stormtroopers though.


And tanks in the other level are pretty poorly implemented. All they get is a narrow path to shuttle back and forth in.

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Yavin 4: Arena is one of those maps when, you take a CP, leave to take another and by the time you've taken the second CP, the enemy have taken the first one.

and I agree the tanks weren't really necessary and all they were ever good for was destroying the other tanks.


Agreed. Those tanks were rather pointless. They just destroyed units outside of the Arena.

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That's why I put the Hailfire Droid on my Naboo: Encounter map. Make sure you have the latest version (2.0).


Also, I really dislike the default MTT in the game. That is why I modified it to perfection for my Naboo: Encounter map. It shoots better lasers, which are actually good, it has a hovering sound (the MTT one, the one it is supposed to have), it has more armor, the speed and turning rate have been tweaked too.


I love my MTT!! :)


Anyway, the best vehicle to kill Jedi or Sith with are Speederbikes. It's so fun to just run over them and then they drop their lightsabers and they fall to the ground, justlying there...LOL!!


- Majin Revan

Why is almost everypost you make an advert for one of your maps? Even though alot of them are good that's just annoying.


My favorite is definetly a Jedi starfighter. Nice and quick, has powerful lasers and missles. Unlike the droid starfighter.

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