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Best Movies Of '04

Mike Windu

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I liked:


Spiderman 2

The Incredibles

Blade Trinity

Friday Night Lights

Team America World Police


Honorable mention:


AVP (It was damn cool seeing the two together... Do I think the movie failed... yes)



And there is something I have to say about Team America.


Ok so I'm laughing my ass off right, and it comes to the part where the puppets do the nasty. It is very hawt, as expected :p. Anyway, it gets over with. And about 5/6 of the audience gets up and walks out.


It was all the more hilarious that the people would only stay for the hot puppet action. (And No I don't think they were grossed out, because they were laughing through the entire movie)


Good stuff :D

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cant say I enjoyed 2004 immensely movie wise..... I cant think of anything that absolutely knocked my socks off. I didnt mind Hero, mentioned above, but thats prolly because it was so interesting to see Zhang Yimou direct a martial arts flick considering his filmography :)


The Village was interesting, and Dodgeball and Anchorman were good for giggles *remembers the meaning of San Diego* :p



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