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Best Music in any video game?


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Nobuo Uematsu must be mentioned. FFIV, VI, VII, VIII, X, and Kingdom Hearts. That is all.


Yasunori Mitsuda. Just as good as Uematsu, less well-known. He did the music for Chrono Trigger as well as Chrono Cross and they're both excellent.


The Metroid Prime music is quite good, not quite sure who composed that, otherwise I would mention them.


Command and Conquer: Red Alert by Frank Klepacki. Specifically Hell March, Bigfoot and Face the Enemy.


The various artists on the SSX3 soundtrack. Specifically Placebo, the Chemical Brothers and the Swollen Members.

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I just finished Divine Divinity and was absolutely floored by the music. Great variety and depth!


VtM: Bloodlines has my favorite 'popular music' (know I'll get thrashed for calling it that) soundtrack.


KotOR is tremendous. As is Baldur's Gate 2 and Neverwinter Nights and JKII / JA.



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Originally posted by Rogue Nine

Nobuo Uematsu must be mentioned. FFIV, VI, VII, VIII, X, and Kingdom Hearts. That is all.


Hmph ! How dare you leave out FFIX !


Um, any SW game, especially RS2/3, XW Alliance, JA and BF :D KOTOR was cool original 'star warsy' music


NWN - love it ! Have extracted all the tracks from the install file and coverted to mp3 :D even my mobile phone ringtone is one of the tavern themes from NWN :D


I HATE the music in Burnout3 :D crap commercial punk shyte :(




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Chrono Trigger!!! (oh, you already mentioned that one...).


A lot of the snes japanese rpgs had great atmospheric music, especially considering the limitations of 8bit midi files.


Ocarina of Time has great atmospheric music as well... and the way it links in to the tunes you play, with each character having a signature tune is pretty cool.


The other game music that made a great impact was Xwing(or Tie Fighter) because the iMuse interactive music idea was so original back then and that combined with the SW themes made the battles so much more dramatic. It was actually one of the major things i missed when XWvTF came out... they upgraded it to cd quality music, but lost the interactivity... and it sucked!


One of the Tony Hawk games (2 i think) had some excellent pumping tracks (rage against machine, etc..) which were really good for getting you in the mood.


GTA 3's radio stations of course...


Oh, and wipeout (the original) is the first game i remember that had its soundtrack released on cd and sell pretty well. A pretty good collection of techno from what i remember.



Never played total anihilation, but remember hearing it was supposed to have great music.


Only played about an hour or so of halo so far, but the first thing that struck me about the opening cinematic was that it was (a) an aliens ripoff, (b) nowhere near as good as i expected and © the music sounded like a cheap ripoff of the generic "action movie pounding classical" tracks they stick over all movie trailers these days.


So i can't support the nomiation for halo ;)

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Originally posted by Evil Dark Jedi

The Halo 2 theme song is the best. :D:p


Seriously it is.


As for theme song, if you've played No One Lives Forever you'd know that's the best ;)


As for normal game music (not from the radio) I definitely like the star wars soundtrack

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i love the music in KotoR and in NWN....


Need For Speed Underground(1st)

old skool Doom music i liked....

Half-Life 2 music made it more suspensful

Zelda Ocarina...i liked the rain song or something like that

o cant forget Baldur's Gate!!11one!!

and there's more but i cant remember

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Originally posted by Kain

I like the music in Warcraft 2 and Prince of Persia 2.


In that case i'm going to nominate the music for Sands of Time what with it being, you know, persian in origin and atmospheric... rather than generic rubbish...



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