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Patch 1.3: Let's Send our Suggestions to Lucasarts


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Obviously Star Wars Battlefront is not a perfect game and therefore patches are needed for it. Now, I have heard many fabulous ideas for new patches on these forums however they are sparadic, not organized and therefore Lucasarts doesn't really pay attention. So, I figure that if the community here works together to get a good, solid list together of suggestions and then sends it to Lucasarts maybe we can get some of our ideas heard. So, if you like this idea please post your suggestions here and, if other members here agree with your idea, then I'll include it on the list.


I have a couple ideas.



* Create a new game mode Capture the Flag


Multiplayer Hosting

* Allow # of bots on each side to be controlled by the host.

* Allow multiplayer games to be paused by the host.


Single Player

* Allow # of bots on both sides to be adjusted in Instant Action mode.



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I have a couple ones.

1. Fix the fps cap. Atleast cap it at 60.

2. Have a remote admin program it shouldnt be to hard to do.

3. At the end of a match allow a 1 minute window to chat about the match.

4. Also during the 1 minute window allow people to vote on the map they wanna play next.

5. Include a swear filter that the admin can turn on for the server.

6. Also include a motd that allows the admin to advertise his site and rules.

7. If someone tks 3 times within a 5 minute window they should have an auto kick.

8. decrease the strength of some vehicles. On some vehicles if you get in them first you are gonna have 50 kill game no matter how bad you suck.

9. Rework the maps and make them bigger. That would stop alot of the spawn killing.

10. Add one more new map. My suggestion would be a death star map. The different control points could be the falcon, the imp control tower, the prison and some others. Even though there was not really a full battle on it with a rebel army it would still be cool to play on.


Well if they included those in the next patch I know I would be happy and many other people.

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-most important thing make server FPS and client FPS indipendent like they are in quake3 (sv_fps 20; for client the fps depends on the machine and for the server is set to 20 by default).

This will prevent a lot of lagging giving a new game experience


-console giving ability to bind sentences (very useful for clan leaders to improve recruitments and answer basic question without having to stop and type everything), and tweak things like mouse sensitivity, gun drawing in 1stperson (rocket launcher really covers a lot of your fov)


quoting other suggestion

-linux dedicated server

-visual effect for invulnerable enemies.. so a guy who's tring to get a point knows when he can start firing doing actual damage...


this were my two cents

Cya :)

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- I think wookies need a boost in the Time Bomb section

- there needs to be a new bigger level. Maybe on a new planet. :D

-Oh and also Jedi should be killable if your not in a vechile. Just make them very strong. They should also fight each other and after awhile one should win. They shouldn't spawn camp around one place but be all over the battle.

- We need like a friends list where we can see what games our friends are playing. An ignore list also so people we don't like won't know where we are or follow us.

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Originally posted by jasa-chosen

7. If someone tks 3 times within a 5 minute window they should have an auto kick.


Great, so I make one mistake with a thermal detonator and I'm auto-kicked from the game. Yeah that makes sense...


Originally posted by jasa-chosen

8. decrease the strength of some vehicles. On some vehicles if you get in them first you are gonna have 50 kill game no matter how bad you suck..


You do know that vehicle strength was decreased in the 1.2 patch, right?

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To answer your first question I truely believe it needs some sort of tk auto kick and allow the admin to set the limit. Most servers refuse to to run team damage because it is to hard to admin the server. And yea I did read about the vehicle damage being reduced but I havent got the chance to test it out yet but I would bet they are still to powerful. But then agian they are only my personal opinions.

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It would work the same way it did in Battlefield 1942: You'd have to use coordination to pass on the flag if you were about to die.


I also have a couple


Lower the hitpoints on these units. It takes 5 direct headshots with a stormtrooper to take someone down. That just isn't realistic. I'm not asking for 1 shot kills but 2 or 3 in the head should do the trick.



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-Change the map so it doesn't rotate and add coord system like 1942. It's hard to tell someone on TS you need help at a certain flag. Everyone's map rotates so it's hard to even say East, north, west, south flag.

-Punkbuster support

-We don't need LA to make a remote admin, just give us a console system so someone else can make it.

-Linux support (come on, it's been 4 months)

-make snipers useful, and allow headshots.

-Agree with previous poster about being able to quit before map loads

-Bigger maps

-more splash damage on grenades

-Allow more search options on server browser (hide full,empty,locked servers etc)

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I can say from talking to others that not having a "Death Star" map is a show stopper. It's the scene (and movie) that really captured the imagination and it's atunning that it isn't recreated in some form (though I rather cynically think they're saving it for an add-on (a la Bf1942 Road to Rome).


Would also like to see a map based on the capturing of the Princess' ship in the opening scene.

- timed event, hold off the imperials for x minutes and win

- stormtroopers capture a forward spawn point and "lord vader has entered the battle"

- and just for fun, no explosive weapons (can't be rupturing a hull you know...)


As it is it's a fun game but the replay value is very limited. as has been mentioned, need CTF or something to mix it up more.


Would also like to see all maps playable by both "generations". Have absolutely zero interest in the last two movies (the robot/clone stuff).


Still, kudos for the developers and glad it's out there.

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*REMOVE THE FRAMERATE CAP! This is the big one...

Let us choose (in-game) something besides just 20 or 30. At least give us 60, for client and server like other games!


*Brief After Game Chat:

Post-match "timer" before the map switches, so people can chat. OR they can all click "ready" to move to the next map.


But SOMETHING so they can say "gg" or whatever!


*"Award" for 'Most Captures':

I mean, that's what the game is all about, right?


*New Model for DarkTrooper gun:

It's a CANNON, not an ST Rifle, so make it look like whatever gun it's supposed to be, please!


*Medic Icons:

Make it so that a player can have an icon appear over their head when they need supplies (health symbol for health, ammo symbol for ammo), that can be seen only by teammates.


*"Buddy" radar:

Make it so that you can designate certain people to show up as a special color on your radar and have their name be a special color when you target them. Of course, this may only apply if they are on your same team, to be fair.


*Bind "Secondary Throwable Weapon" directly to a key:

Instead of having to hit a key to "switch to" your mines or secondary grenades, THEN hit attack, make it so you can just bind a key to toss them anytime, just like your regular grenades.


*Variable Throwing of Throwable Weapons:

Tap the grenade button and you throw it like normal. Hold it down for a bit and you can release it to throw it farther. If "balance" is desired, make it so that holding it down for too long forces you to throw it after a certain period of time (say, 8 seconds) or detonates it in your face (funny, but annoying). This should apply also to objects like Time Bombs, but maybe not mines (since you're "carefully" laying them down). Think Jedi Knight series...


*Fill in missing voice commands:

Give the female characters the rest of their "lines" for the commands. Also some new commands are probably needed for the PC version, and you should be able to give orders to ANY NPC, but let's say if they are out of range (for balance sake) you have to type their name or click on it from a list to tell them what to do. So if I want Trooper5 on the other end of the map to "cover me" I can do so, and he will, eventually. ; )


*Modify the Jedi:

Jedi that have their health go down when they are hit, and so ARE killable besides extraordinary means like landing a ship on them or running them over. Sure, they can still heal, but if they actually take damage it would be possible to overwhelm and kill them.


Also, make it so that Jedi duel each other if they meet.


And make it so that Jedi respond to orders. Yeah, it might seem odd having a Stormtrooper ordering Vader around, but let's think about this. As it is, we have Stormtroopers ordering each other around with no rank structure whatsoever, which is just as unrealistic. Even if you made the Jedi only follow orders half the time it would still be an improvement!


*Variable screen resolutions for the menus. Make it so that you can change them from just 640x480. Okay, so maybe the server screen doesn't need to be any smaller or harder to read, but the rest of them could use the ability to change.



Jabba's Palace Specific Suggestions for Improvement:



*Give Jabba's Palace map a real loading screen, like the others (if developers are lazy, just use the same one for the Tatooine maps).


*Make the Rancor Killable (give him a lot of health of course) and move around. He's just boring as is, basically just a statue that only kills if you stand in front of him for too long. If you want him to respawn every 30 seconds, fine, but making it so you can kill him and he doesn't come back is actually a very cool idea. Like destroying the shield generator, it may not happen often or be required for victory, but it's cool when it does and gives a sense of accomplishment.


*Make Jabba killable. C'mon, you know you want to!


*Make it possible to use "heroes" on Jabba's Palace. I know, people are "sick" of Jedi, but they would fit here (Luke in his Jedi robes?). If the developers are sick of Jedi, how about something else, like Boba Fett and Lando (smarter, faster gun guys, and Fett with a jetpack) or Han or Leia (as Boussh). Lot of possibilities.




Other things people suggested like new game types (Deathmatch, CTF, a multiplayer version of Galactic Conquest) are great ideas too, though would require more work...


I'd love to see better camera angles, or even more adjustable camera options for vehicles, but that probably isn't going to happen except in user-created mods.

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I am going to echo most of Kurgan's (and other member) ideas:


- Increase the multiplayer framerate cap to 60 FPS, please. This is the most important issue. Gamers should be able to benefit from their hardware.


- Give the wookie a contact detonator launcher/chargeable detontator launcher, like the imperial issue detonator launcher.


- Make the wookie timebomb throwable.


- Make the grenades 'primeable'/'cookable' for variable-length throwing.


- Add post-game chat/cooldown period. Variable server-set duration.


- Remote server administration, please.


- Give post-game awards to players who score the most control point captures. That is the whole point of the game!

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I concur with everything my esteemed colleagues, Kurgan and Wilhuf just said, with one additional desire:


After the completion of a map, I want dancing Twi'lek girls on the stats screen that say, "Ooooh, good job Vagabond...you were the best....we love you....you're the man". That would make the game perfect :cool:

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