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Release: The Battle of ABRIDON: CITY (beta1version)


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Now you can fight the Battle of Abridon City.

Based on the Idea of my son inspired by the Game Force Commander:




Download it here.:


or at:

StarWars Battlefront files

New downloadlink::


Any Feedback is welcome!


From the Readme:




Version: Beta1

Idea: Monty

Made by "Rends"


The Abridon city map can be played either at the Galactic Civil War era or at the Clonwar era.


Historical Background:


Galactic Civil War: The Deathstar was destroyed near Yavin. Now the citizens of the Planet Abridon decided that it´s the time now to stand up against the Empire. But the Abridon Army is way to small to fight the Empire so they asked the Rebellion for help.

This Battle is also know as the the big Battle of Abridon!


CloneWars: The Droidarmy of the CIS occupied Abridon. The governmernt of Abridon call for help.

Jump in to fight one of the big Battles of the Clonewars!


Ok i will stop my jodaism here also known as Rends english ;-)


Installation: Copy the folder "abr1" to your "Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn" directory.



Known bugs:

Some vehicles don´t have sounds. this will be fixed once the next Version of the Modttools is released.


Please report any bugs and tips to Santarossa@web.de



Enjoy,Monty& Rends

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Wow Rends! This level was incredible! The most fun i've had in awhile. This level is a very nice mix of everything. But of course there are a few things that would be cool if changed.




- The City Hall capture area for the comand post needs to be inside the hall. Its hard to capture it when there are enemies just standing outside so you can't get it.

- The Bridge needs to have a bigger capture area. Its hard to capture when you take 3 steps and you have to start all over again.

- The Forest is alittle far out there. It takes the guys along time to get back to the main city. Its cool how far spread it is but it could be closer so the allies can get their faster.

- The AT-AT goes different ways everytime it gets taken down but can u make it so it doesn't go into the river along with the other two chickens and the various amounts of Imps. The Swiming AT-AT


Ok now for some more good.


- The vechiles on each team equaled each other well.

- The droids made up for their lack of an AT-AT well.

- The Natives were actually intellegent. Intellegent enough to drive an X-wing anyway.

- The battles were overall very intense. Very large scale. 20 people rushing at another 20 with various vechiles running through the battles.

- The outcome of the battle was based more on the player and what they could do in terms of command post capturing.

- Sniper Heaven!


Some Screens

The Barracks

The Natives

The Launch Site

The Forest

The Docks

City Hall


There you have it. I highly suggest this map and good job Rends.

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Rend, you're maps are absolutely FABULOUS! I love your work, as its some of the best maps I can find for SWBF.


I like the balance, the level design and sheer intensity of the combat. I personally think the Republic entering the city from the outside forest is a nice touch, and adds importance to keeping the spawns. It adds the atmosphere of 'storming the city' which is a great concept. :)


Only bugs I noticed are sometimes the vehicles fall off the bridge closest to city hall, and that some of the sound FX for the aircraft/vehicles are missing (Clone and CIS troop transports among others).


Fantastic job! Can't wait to see what else you cook up.

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Glad you like it guys.

When creating the map I had to deal with the vehicles fallen of the bridge for several hours. All barriers and waypoints are set correctly but here and there it still happen. For the final release i may build some walls around there area to stop AI driving into water, but not sure if it will work for the ATAT too. Well i wonder why the ATAT choose this way sometimes because i didn´t set the way for the ATAT .

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One other suggestion for the spawns at the Clone/rebel side, where all the aircraft is. You might want to move the spawn positions a little out because I would die several times there due to enemies/allies landing a craft directly on the spawn point. I would spawn and instantly be under the craft and die. If the spawn was moved out just a little from the landing area would make a big difference. :)


Again Rend, thank you for this excellent map.

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i´m glad you like it guys!


I just added the new downloadlink. It´s now also up at Lucasfiles.


Things i have done in the meantime:


1.Walker run into water near City Hall bridge bug fixed.

2.Some buildings added in the background of the City hall to give the player a better feeling that he is fighting in a city.

3.Boundaries extended.


Still waiting for the toolkit sound feature to add missing sounds.



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Originally posted by EI 9373

Just dig a little deeper into that folder... the next 'abr1' folder you find is the one to place in the directory! :)


Oh yes, if someone have trouble installing maps check this image tutorial about how to do it:



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