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Ok, maybe someone can help me out with the numbers here. What is the time difference between AOTC and ROTJ? I know it has to be a minimum of at least 20 years. And the NJO is about 20 years after ROTJ. That's 40 years.


Now I ask because our friend Captain Pellaeon happens to be in charge of a Republic Troopship in Clone Wars 5 [comic TPB]. He looks about 30/40 (or maybe his mustache makes him look incredibly old). In that case, he'd be 70/80 by the time of the NJO. I think that's cutting it a bit close for Grand Admiral Pellaeon to remain in service and still be senile...


Unless this Captain Pellaeon is Gilad's father....




Since I just finished reading the rest of the comic, I really enjoyed The Best Blades with Yoda.


Who else is reading the Clone Wares [Dark Horse] comics?

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Originally posted by Kain

Or one of a million-and-one inconsistancies within the EU.


Kain. I really would like to know how much EU you have read, why dont you point out a few for us...... :)


otherwise, I think this is more of your famous brand of generalisation :D


Compared to other sci-fi francises, the SW EU continuty isnt too bad at all... Im fond of the turnarounds LF Licensing has managed to pull off ....like the whole jaster mereel thing and Fett, which was cleverly dealt with in the Bounty Hunter game :p


* * *


Pellaeon is in his early 70s in the NJO IIRC. . Also bear in mind the fact that he joined the military when he was 15... whether this character you mentioned is him or similarly named, I dont know... but Im sure you could find out :p



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