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Kotor 2 Mod Desires


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Hi everyone,



If you feel that you've got some great ideas to improve Kotor TSL than post them here. Any modders who pass this way please read for all the great mod ideas that will come through this thread.


If you got ideas no matter how small or large just post them here so that we can get some good ideas for the game straight away. And modders please post the ideas youve had for mods(unless you want to make them a suprise!).

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I've already started putting together some reference sheets for TSL. Luckily many of the utility items from KotOR have not changed, so it's just a matter of updating for new items. Hopefully this will help the modding community quite a bit once the PC version comes out.


I can tell you right now that based on what I've read thus far, there are going to be quite a few robe mod possibilities :bounce1:

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Originally posted by Hannibal

I think he used to be one of Charlie Brown's teachers.




Excerp from Charlie Brown FAQ

While it's not a sound available for easy distribution, it was created for the specials on a trombone, with the use of a plunger as a mute.



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Originally posted by Whitebloodcell

I assume you meant the Combat engine one, new force powers should be alright? No?


yeah thats what he means and btw i was being sarcastic before but really for kotor 3 please lets get a new combat engine this one is getting boring.

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Originally posted by Derc

Perhaps a power as suggested in this thread:



For the sabers, I believe that's very possible ( I haven't checked yet but they are probably considered as "creature" objects by the game.)


However, all this

I want to be able to float items of various size (Plasteel Cylinders, Speeders, recently beaten enemies) at existing enemies with telekinesis. Kinda like a force wave power but doing extra damage depending on what is available to throw at my enemies. Or maybe jump ontop of the item and Mind float it across a pit or up a high wall for me to get around.

(Kinda like that Psi-ops game)

is impossible. We are unable to move placeables in Kotor unless using specific coordinates and the jump thing would require new animations, which we cannot do.
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^^^ Yea, I know, but the former was the one I was trying to refer you to. :p


Well then, as a strict Console-only gamer, I'll be more than happy to share ideas that could make you PC gamers happy.


Some (obivous) fixes for TSL...(unless they're already fixed for the PC release)



Restore the HK Factory(Telos Military Sub-level)

Get back your own lightsaber(I hear it was a quest?)

Some special items(Malak's armor, Droid Assassin Rifle)

The Sealed Lift in the Secret Academy(I wonder where it leads to... :confused: )

Mandalore without the Helmet(he has a beard now?)

Wear Nihilus's mask



Overall, there was some missing areas/unfinished quests in the game that I'm sure that'll need attention.


EDIT: Just wanted to add something:

Force Crush all enemies within X radius. :dev11:

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Originally posted by FiEND_138


Yeah, he did......


I just borrowed my friends & played it... So I guess you are the only one with true resolve :D


Good to see ya back Achilles!!

...and to think that the only thing keeping me from buying an xbox was fear of a razzing :)


Good to be back. You'll be happy to know that I've already begun making cheat sheets for TSL mods. Robes and Utility Items are finished. Based on first impressions, you can't pay me enough to take on Armor or Saber Crystals. Of course, I'll probably end up doing it anyway :rolleyes:

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