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I love it when someone takes a cheap shot at me and its a joke, but when I take a cheap shot back its a flame.


I'm not the most mature person on these forums but for the love of ****ing Christ learn the difference.


And the flames on CapN were brought on by HIM.


Just a lil self defense.


Now, a card.



Oh how I love my humor.

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Originally posted by joetheeskimo5

For ****'s sake! Not only did he make up, but the post after Groovy's was a JOKE! Lighten up...


You happened to miss the multiple posts that were deleted / edited.


Apparently it's impossible for some people to just stop and go on with the thread, we gotta keep draggin this crap back in, so this thread is dead until further notice :(

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You all should be ashamed. This was a harmless thread, just a fun little bit to post in and have a laugh. Then you guys came and tiraded the hell out of it and it degenerated into a ****fest of slander and utter crap. It's stupid crap like this that people get banned, warned, and otherwise severely punished. If I had the money I'd find my way to fly to visit each of you and put a world of hurt on you. The utter disrespect you all have shown to eachother and to me is inexcusable. You all should feel bad. Enjoy your emo, you all fail.

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Kain and CapN -


Both of you are temp-banned. Honestly, I can't imagine why either of you would go to the lengths that you did. Rationally thinking, I can't justify not banning either of you after a goddamned CARD THREAD.


Take a few days to cool off.


And I'll remind everyone that "self defense" to flaming is reporting the post to a mod via the report button or to a favorite moderator.


And re-registering while banned = permban.


That is all.

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Originally posted by jokemaster

I have once again been ignored, despite having had posted for 3 YEARS!

*runs away, and starts playing 'Phantom of the Opera' on giant speakers.*

*Cuts off all power except from the speakers*

*Appears weraing a mask*



Basically, Im scared to make a new card for anyone, after what happenned last time :(:p


C'mon, someone make jokemaster a card already !



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