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Where are the space battles?


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You will always find ground battles in your heart redtech. jk

But that does bring up an interesting point. I wonder how the episode 3 maps are going to be. You see the scenes in the movie of obi 1 and anakin fighting over this walkway hundreds of feet up from lava. I wonder if it'll be in the bf2 and if it'll be like the bespin platform's walkways.

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I just hope they have the starfighters & starships have realisted speeds like in the movies and in previous games such as X-wing Alliance.

Except from the fact that in XWA ship speeds were not realistic. Fighters were super-slow, as were starships. In the movies, a star destroyer could keep up with the Falcon, but in XWA a star destroyer most often flies at a speed 1/8th of the star destroyer's.


I just re-watched the space battle from Ep 6. Look at the shot after the Falcon comes out of the Death Star. Look at how the rebel fleet is zooming away from the doomed station. Then play XWA, with its super-slow ships.


XWA was a great game which I had tonnes of fun playing and designing for, but the speeds were not realistic the least.


Of course, I could have sworn the game was Battlefront 2 and not "Battlefront: Space combat" add-on.

U r n00b, the name r "Battlefront 2 jump 2 lightsp33D!!!11111"


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