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ScummVM Q+E 1.4.0 Released


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ScummVM Q+E 1.4.0 released.


Get it here.


The watchword of this release is customization, or configurability, but thats probably not a word. You can now change and customize virtually every aspect of Q+E.


See the site or the readme for the full list of changes. Some of the more significant ones are detailed below:




A slight interface cleanup, with the default font changed to Tahoma, since it looks much better with font smoothing on XP.




As requested - you can now show and hide different types of games, this is especially useful now with all the new humongous games in ScummVM.




You can now automatically get and unpack the daily build AND the latest stable build. The stable build will always be the latest available, since it looks to the Q+E server before downloading.




Many, many options. As you can see, you can now change the font and many other eye-candy settings. Of more importance is the fact that you can now set the savegame path and the path to ScummVM.ini to allow for non-default locations.

At the bottom you can see the much-requested 'default options' - these take effect when the settings for a particular game haven't been configured. So you can ensure that aspect ratio correction is off by default, if you're completely mad.




Q+E now uses a tray icon by default, it makes the other options/tools easier to locate. It can, of course be turned off.




Preliminary support for the extra ScummVM tools was in the previous version, this has now been completed. You can now easily compress SCUMM monster.sou files, Simon the Sorcerer 1+2 datafiles and SAGA engine music, to MP3, OGG or FLAC. If I get time I'll add in support for some of the other extra tools. Q+E will also download the MP3, OGG and FLAC compressing tools for you if you dont have them.




A game settings editor. Since Q+E now uses its own ini file to store extra information about games, I've added an editor so that you can modify those settings. It's not as complete as I'd like (you cant add custom game targets from it yet), but its still pretty useful.




You can now schedule the downloading of ScummVM daily builds (Windows 2000 and XP only). A windows scheduled task is created, and on the scheduled date/time, Q+E silently downloads and unpacks the latest daily build of ScummVM. A tray icon in the system tray shows when this is happening.

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Awesomeness unlimited and still less than a Mb, that's what i like to see, i somehow lost my download (don't ask) so i simply downloaded it again in less than a second. very nice.


I also like the extra options as well, as a basic gameplayer, I never needed them before and now i have them, I can't do without. Thanks

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added an 'installed games' filter


If you go into the Game Manager, the only Game Type options are SCUMM, Humongous, Revolution and Other.


I tried manually editing the ini file to get this Game Option to work, but it didn't. What's the variable name? I tried "Installed", "installed" "Installed Games" and "installed games" and nothing works.



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Installed games refers to those games that are setup in ScummVM.ini. So when you run a game and 'save settings' is ticked, or when you add a game with the normal ScummVM gui - its saved into ScummVM.ini.


The 'installed' filter is selectable from the popup menu above the game combobox.

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buckminster: I dont think I explained myself very well.


When 'save settings' is ticked and you run a game, those settings are saved, so that next time you select that game - its path and all its options are loaded in.


The 'installed' filter, just lists those games that are setup like this - those that it knows exist. When you run the normal ScummVM launcher this is what it does - it only lists those games that are setup.

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