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Indoor Star Destroyer Siege?


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Hey I know that originally, Raven Software had planned to do a second part to the famous Siege Destroyer map, one that took place INSIDE an Imperial Star Destroyer.


It consisted of the Rebels trying to land a shuttle in the hangar bay, breaking into a "Data Room" and stealing some "secret plans" then escaping with them into the stolen Shuttle. The Imperial team of course was supposed to hold them off until time ran out, like any defending team.


The classes consisted of the ones you see in the SIEGE Star Destroyer map (with some modifications needed of course), see here.


However, since the focus of the map was stretched, the testers preferred to play with the ships (felt too anti-climactic) and apparently the map was too bland, they ditched it. Plus there was an issue where it was almost impossible to escape with the shuttle because it was too easy to camp and then blow up with fighters.



Is anyone interested in creating a new Siege Scenario like this? I'm thinking here that this would be ALL indoor (except for the brief escape in the shuttle perhaps, and maybe using some cannons to fire at AI ships outside if that's needed).


I realize there are already various "Star Destroyer" maps out there, but none of them really look like you're in an ISD (except, IMHO that one Raven made for Jedi Outcast) and none of them are really setup for this Siege Scenario (or any Siege Scenario).

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