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collaberation proposal


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I'd like to throw it out there to you guys an idea i had to port to jk3... it's alot of work that i could accomplish on my own but it'd be more realistic if some other people wanted to help out




I want to implement multi arena in jk3 so that you can compile 4 maps plus a lobby area into a single bsp.



this is the main feature of RA3 (a q3 mod), it means that you can have 4 whole maps running with variable gametypes and players can move in and out of the lobbies and each arena and team etc just like joining a team on a normal server



what does this mean we'd have to do?



if you get the source of 4 maps (preferably all ctf since you can tdm and duel on them and siege is irrelavent) you have to add an "arena" key in radiant to each of the spawn points and flag objects for each map



changes to the source would look something like this




don't drawn any players or ents outside of the arena that you are in, there should also be UI alterations so that there are arena choices under or above red and blue team in the join menu.

there should also be UI changes so you can vote to change the gametype in the arena that you are currently in.

the scoreboard needs to be arena relavant as well






score parseing must take which arena you are in, there has to be a struct initalized for each arena to hold data and each player needs an arena number in their client->session or client->pers



end of game behavior has to be changed. a global end game must only happen when the global time limit is up. otherwise each arena needs it's own game timers and score limit behaviors



spawning must only spawn a player at a spawn point whos arena key is the same value as the player has given itself by assignment a command (which can be called from the UI)



dieing and respawning must be senstitive to each arena and the gametype of each arena



if you want to find out more about the concept google "rocket arena 3"




anyone interested in doing this with me? we can decide to open the source for this or just give it to participating mods once we get started

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