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How do I make Firefox fast?


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Originally posted by BongoBob

Use a higher octane bandwidth :xp:


BTW,why did you put AG, you're not AcyrlicGuitar anymore :confused:


Cuz I felt like it :p


Also, thanks alot guys! This helped quite a bit.


I was going to ask another question, but I totally forgot it. I will ask it here if I think of it.



EDIT: Ah yes, I thought of the question. How do I get rid of the lil' shortcut icon thingy?


It'd be real cool if someone knew a good tweaking help site, since I have a lot of little things that need to be tweaked.)

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Oh, I know how to do that, brb, i'll edit this post.


[EDIT] get this It's from microsoft homepage so it's safe, in case you were wondering. Once you install it open it and press the little plus sign next to "Explorer" then click "Shortcut" from the submenu. Then just select no arrow.


You can do other cool things with it too, like hide the recycle bin on the desktop.

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