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Problem with Security Door in Royal Palace. [Minor Spoilers]


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I seem to have a problem with this. I can't get a security door open later in the game in the Onderon Palace. I've killed the Twi'lek and gotten the primary codes and spoke to the Captain from the Primary Security Room, but when I go over to the other room, where the Jedi is, and use the terminal there to disable the Security Doors, it doesnt unlock the door to the room where the Sith are smashing the forcefield. I've spoken to everyone and tried using everything but to no avail. Also, I've no previous save games.


Any help would be great.

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I had this problem too when I first played. What sucks was the only thing I could do to fix it was to go to a previous save :(


Apparently, if you go to where the slicer is first and get the codes, then talk to the Captain, you must tell him you already have the codes... otherwise you get stuck in the endless cycle. :rolleyes:


This game is horrendous about tying up loose ends, and it's a shame when some of these "loose ends" can be game-crashing, game-ending or with hot tempers... "game-trashing". They really need to get off their arse, because if NWN-2 is this buggy...there will be hell to pay :fist:


Off-hand, there's probaby a gobal you can check with tk's KSE tool, but off-hand I'm not sure which one(s) it would be.. sorry :(

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