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Nation States


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Originally posted by TiE 23

Can you really invade people?

*Looks for Nuclear Armagedon button*



Try the lemmings thread... :D


I've joined up, not sure i'll stick with the site, but the book looks interesting. Clever marketing...

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Psh, Ive been in the U.N. for a good week and a half now. :p


Of course... they haven't given me any endorsements and they call me an iron-fisted consumerist, but that's only because they are scared of the Gatesville region and our sinister plan to take over the U.N. and crush it under our vile thumb! Har har har! :D

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Originally posted by Mike Windu

*is awaiting his UN acceptance*




Bang bang. Got all you guys beat :p

Heh. I joined the UN when I first began playing, but then left when they started passing laws I didn't like. I think the NationStates UN has gone the same way as the real one. :D
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It might make it more interesting if we did.


But those who have been playing a long time and who have already established a place in the world already might be understandably a bit reluctant to move.


I don't think there's any rules against establishing a new country, and having more than one going at a time, is there?

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Well, then it seems that long time players could just found a new Lucasland nation, and keep thier old one going on the same track it has been.


Or move them all to Lucasland, become a global super-region, and see if we can force some other regions into paying tribute to us! Y'know,.. for "protection."



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