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This just in... Kids, you can fly (sorry, no drugs here)


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I don't have a screenshot of my 7139.70 score. I was at 3 or 4 thousand when I did a power-up attack, which made all attacks on target super for a while. See my earlier post for instructions for the power-up.


Edit: I might have had an even better score if I had payed attention and not allowed the one girl to catch the guy.


Edit: Chase Windu must die!:p

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Originally posted by LightNinja

I'm starting to think that me and a few ones were telling actually the true :S


Did you not see my post that was directly under yours?


I freakin explained everything to you to get a higher score.






Originally posted by Lightsaberboy



ohhh yea


I'll see that score





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Build up a lot of momentum. In case you cared I try to aim him right around 30 degrees when I start. You need to do the special moves to really get going. When you loose foward momentum try to use the blue crash thing to make the guy hit a chick that boosts you. If you are having a lot of vertical momentum (your guy is bouncing really really high, but not going far) then try to use the blue crash to transfer that movement foward.


Watch the icons on the right side, be sure to avoid the guys and the one girl that stops you. Unless she is on special mode, she send you flying really far if you can pull it off.


I got the guy to turn yellow again, it happened when you activate the special for the chick that blocks the other girls. I went like 4000 meters without even having to do anything.

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Originally posted by Troopr-Undr-Fir

So I was sitting at my desk at work today. When from the corner of the room where my boss is, I hear the sound of giddy children screaming. I try not to think about it, but it is so annoying that I have to go investigate. I see my boss busting a gut to something on his computer screen. I raise my brow, and then pop a squat to take a peek. And I find this.


Then the rest of the crew came in to see what was going on, and then everyone was trying to beat eachother's score and we just had a good time laughing and all of that.


I don't remember what the highest was, but mine was pretty high for a while: 2579.42m


your boss and his crew found time to play somthing like this at work? Your jobs must not keep you very busy.:p

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I beat my old record. My score is 11125.87 m. It helped that I learned more about when the special attacks happen.


Red*: After the red girl hits target, red's picture appears in the "special" bar. If anyone other than Red hits target, Red will dissappear from the special bar. If Red hits Target while her picture is in the special bar, click to make her do a special attack.

Blue and Yellow: When Blue is the next character after Yellow or when Yellow is the next character after Blue, The picture of whichever one is first appears in the special bar. Click the mouse button when the first one attacks and they will do a special attack together.

Green: Whenever Target is attacked, Green's picture will be in the special bar until target hits the ground. If Green catches target while Green's picture is in the special bar, click to make Red, Blue, and Yellow interfere.

Block (Purple) VS CFF: The rarest and most powerful special attack. Whenever Target hits Purple, Purple takes over the special bar and blocks the next attack(she doesn't interfere with hitting the boys, but it does make her stop). While the distance is in the 90's, the special bar changes to "Block VS CFF" and shows another picture. When Purple blocks an attack while CFF is in the special bar, click to make CFF appear and do a super-special attack. This changes Target's color to yellow, red, or green. This usually makes all attacks send Target really far, but it can just make him bounce higher off the ground.


*refers to color in the indicators on the right side of the screen, not character clothing


Edit: I just got 0.00M, just like IG-64. :D What's your favorite place to host screenshots like this, so I can post my scores?

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