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Originally posted by Alien426

Neither is Sam & Max. It is based on Steve Purcell's comics.


Could it be Loom, because there is no sequel nor was any announced?



There were never any announced Indy games that were cancelled either though.


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Answers! We want answers!


I'll take a shot at your "Tie Break" for the hell of it before you post the answers.


(I think 11. is unfair though, because Fate of Atlantis WAS the only one with an onscreen verb interface!)


- The music in the LUA bar is from Sam N Max

- The opening tune is exactly the same as CMI's

- That's it! (Bugger!)

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6 - No. TV SERIES, not films.

7, 8, 9 - Nope.

11 - nah. Indy Fate had the MI2 control system.

12 - Way to straddle the fence!

16 - Definitely wrong.


Hmm. OK, I'll have a go at those again... here goes...


6 - only one series: Maniac Mansion.

7 - well, cross-referencing on Mobygames gives that Gary Coleman was in both games.

8 - still no clue. Snakes?

9 - the player characters all have sidekicks? Nah...

11 - Well, out of the four, Loom is the only one that has no action sequences. So it's the only pure adventure game (Sam & Max had action sequences in minigames).

12 - OK OK - there has been one (1) Star Wars adventure game: Yoda Stories.

16 - In that case, I can only think of Maniac Mansion, so that's 1. In all fairness, I do think that any user-influenced difference to an ending qualifies as alternate (such as Monkey Island where you could sink the ship or not and get additional scenes in the ending), but going by your criteria, I'll say 1.


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Okay, okay, straight answers time I think. I'll still stick it in spoiler marks in case anyone else wants a go. The Tie Break No. 17 is still open as ThunderPeel2001 is the only one who's had a go (yes, they're Quite Interesting, although just two?).



1. What is the Portable Car-Bomb Game based on and where can you find it?

Battleships, and Snuckey's (nearest the Carnival) in Sam & Max.


2. Hal Barwood has only made three games at LucasArts.

b) False

Apart from the main trio of Indy Fate, Indy Infernal and RTX Red Rock, he was also responsible for Yoda Stories, Indy Desktop Adventures and Rebel Assault II.


3. There are how many Indiana Jones videogames?

e) 9 ( In the UK )

f) bloody loads ( everywhere else - my bad, sorry )


4. Which character from Day of the Tentacle made an appearance in Sam & Max Hit The Road, and where?

Bernard, in various moustaches in Snuckey's


5. Which LucasArts Adventures that were once released floppy-only have had CD-Rom Talkie versions?

a) Indy Fate of Atlantis

e) Loom

f) Sam & Max Hit The Road

g) Day of the Tentacle


6. How many LucasArts Adventures have been turned into a TV Series?

Two, if you count Sam & Max: Freelance Police. And Maniac Mansion, of course.


7. What connects The Curse of Monkey Island and Postal 2?

Gary Coleman, voice of Kenny Foulmouth.


8. What connects The Curse of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis?

Rumoured/thought about/planned/cancelled movie versions.


9. What connects Indy Fate of Atlantis and Sam & Max Hit The Road (CLUE: Possibly also The Secret of Monkey Island & Psychonauts)?



10. What connects Indiana Jones and The Dig?

Steven Spielberg (note - just "Indiana Jones" rather than specifically "the games")


11. Which is the odd one out? (CLUE: Nothing to do with licenses, interface, or humour, and has to do with what LucasArts are best

d) Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis

What are LucasArts best at? Connected to the Memorial? Cancelling sequels of course! Loom, Sam & Max and Full Throttle all had direct sequels given the nudge by LEC, whereas Indy is still going and Fate of Atlantis 2 is a fan project!


12. LucasArts are famous for Star Wars and Adventure Games, yet there has never been a Star Wars Adventure Game.

True ( If you count Yoda Stories, which I don't, so: )

b) False


13. How many PC LA Adventures have made it to Consoles?

d) 3

Maniac Mansion (NES), Monkey Island 1 (Mega CD), EFMI (PS2)


14. Where can you find Sushi in an LA Adventure?

No, not the food. With a capital letter, Sushi is Zak's fish in Zak McKracken!


15. LucasArts Coffee Mug, Pancakes, Syrup, Fabergé Egg, Naturalist. What game and where would you find this meal?

COMI, in the snake.


16. How many LA Adventures have multiple endings?

d) 3

I'm gonna allow Indy Fate, although I'm gonna have play it again because I just can't think of any when that Sophia dies and the game can carry on. MI1 I don't count, because it's just a bit of fun.

As for the other two, Maniac Mansion and Indy Last Crusade.


17. I can think of several, so here's some all composer based:

- This is the only Monkey Island where Michael Land is not the lead composer.

- Even though the famous trio of Land, Bajakian & McConnell headed up the music, they had actually left LucasArts at this point.

- This was the first time the trio had joined together for an adventure since 1993.



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Okay, okay, I should've said Zak McKracken. That would've been better.


But considering the same ker-razy characters are just really Indy & Marcus, isn't it just another Indy game? Even Sophia wasn't in it! I mean, it can be called a "sequel" to FoA, but considering it doesn't have anything to do with, say, Atlantis, Sophia, or anything at all in Fate of Atlantis whatsoever and that all anyone really knows about it is that it was cancelled and the story exists in comic form, isn't it just another Indy game?


Or, does everyone have some knowledge about this that I (and apparently Mixnmojo and all the Indy fan sites) don't know?

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