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The Chosens


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This thread is set in current days, in lets say...New York. a bunch of kids have found out they have super powers, they don't know each other, but thye will, eventually, some will go evil others will go good, that is up to you.



No Godmodding

No Intense swearing (e.x. f*ck B*tch and so on)

No Char control(unless you ask first)

Only two powers at max.





CodeName(comes later in the RP) :




Power(s) :


Here's mine:


Name:Colin Tars

CodeName: Blaze

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, Broad shoulders, Somewhat musculaire, usually wears black pants and the shirt changes.

Power(s) : Can run anywhere form 0 mph to 200 mph and can enflame his body(turn on fire) without getting burned.




Colin walked down the same street, passing the same buildings to his apartment. he took the elevator to the fifth floor. Colin got in his house, opened the fridge and got a beer, he sat down on his couch and turned on the news.

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(great idea heres my char)


Name: Seth Miles

Code Name: None yet, i will add one once i think of one


Gender: Male

Apperance: Medium sized and skinny, he usually wears dirty jeans and a T-shirt, his most striking feature is his oddly white hair.


Powers: Seth has some latent psycic abilities but is still learning to master them, he also has a secret, seth has another personality, it tries to control Seth, whenever he feels angry or scared the "dark Seth" tries to take control and when it does he reveals his own frightning power. This other self can shap shift and does so in a ghastly manner, his skin becomes pale as paper and begins to boil like wax and his features become distorted, his favorite tactic is to turn his hands into deadly weapons by forming them into hooks, swords, or anything unpleasent it can think up but it has the power to change other aspects as well... Seth can keep his darker side under control but if when he is asleep or very distracted the darker side can gain control...


Background: Seth is the son of a scientist who worked for the goverment, one day young Seth was accidently exposed to a dangerous new chemical the goverment was testing, however the accidentel nature of this incedent is largley controversial. Seth spent five years in a goverment hospital recovering and now he lives with his mother and sister in New York, he still has to take a pill that is sent to his house every month, although the reasons are still unclear to him.





Somewhere in New York city Seth Miles has just left his school. He walked down his street and sighed, another dismal day at school. He walked with his head to the ground and didnt see the six men in black trench coats walking towards him, they didnt move for him they just knocked him down and stepped over him. "Freaks" he murmered behind them " who the heck wears trench coats in the middle of summer?" oh well he though this is New York after all. Thats when he saw the 10 doller bill in the gutter, he reached for it but couldnt reach it then suddenly... it was in his hand, Seth stared at the bill wondering how THAT had happened, then he pocketed the money and walked home.


"must be my imagination"


(lol srry fer the long post!)

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Name: Josh Zala

Codename: Shade


Gender: Male

Appearence: Average height and umm, fatness, for his age. ((No he isn't fat, he is average, between skinny and fat.)) Wears Black T-shirt, black pants, has black hair, and hazal eyes.

Powers: Darkness, he controlls darkness. He could fill the room with darkness, and turn int osomeones shadow. He can almost pretty much trun invisable. He can also controll electricity.

Background: His father is a mob boss of a local syndicate, and his mother died when Josh was young. His father recently died, and Josh just wanders around the streets. He isn't broke, he has about 10 k left over taht his dad gave him before he died. That isn't much at all though.

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Name:Steven Solidus

CodeName : Morph



Appearance:(when hes not using his powers)greyish skin. Red eyes and white hair. He dosent really wear clothes but he gives the ilusion that he dose so noone can see him naked

Power(s) : Can change his body into pretty much any shape or person in a matter of seconds. He can even change his voice,vision,smell,ect.But his weakness is that when he falls asleep his powers turn off.


History: Stevens father was alwase hard on him because of his abillity. His mother used steven to get money,jewely,ect. When he relised that his perents were using him and didnt care what happened to him he used his power to destroy there mansion and scared the poo out of them. He just now lives in the streets, he used his powers to help people but many fear him because of his powers.


Steven was used his powers to change into a bird and flew around The Big Appel(NY). He sat ontop of a tall building and morphed into a bouncy ball and dropped off the edge. He hit the floor and bounced up really high and turned back into a bird. Steven often used his powers to have fun.

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bio- An orphan with a haunting past


powers-he is able to channel energy threw his hands and blast people with the energy blast. He also has the ability to look deep into peoples minds and bring out there nitemares in forms of actual illisions

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((Sorry, this is just driveing me mad! :p It's ILLUSION not Allusion! Sorry, it was driveing me mad!)) Josh appeared "You can stop the fighting now. Is this really necessery?" Josh sent shadow filling the room. "The fighting stops, I'm the only one here who can see in the dark. Fighting will only bring more. That's the way it's always been."

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Seth was walking down the sidewalk, when he passed a cafe. He sensed somthing odd about it, the inside looked completely dark, but there was somthing about the dark that seemed... unatural. Seth was just planning to pass by but he suddenly had a strange curiosity about what was happening inside, he found himself approaching the entrance to the cafe.

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