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The Battle of Kashyyyk

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Name: Alpha 07 (AKA Sev)

Age: 24

Faction: Republic

Weapons: DC-17 Sniper Division/Specialized Beam Rifle | Wrist Blade

Skills: Sharp Eyesight, Excellent Hearing, Quick Reflexes

Weaknesses: Takes Poorly To Authority, Aggressive


The Acclamator swings in a to-fro fashion as the Gunships slide from the Hangar. The fusion coils break into a raging storm of lightning and flame. Confusion everywhere, bodies litter the ground. The ship plummets, under a constant stream of enemy fire. Escape . . . escape. The noise was skull-splitting and the pain tremendous.


The Redemption falls out of orbit and begins to descend, nose first, into the atmosphere. The ship becomes a pile of molten steel, enraged within a storm of madness. Sev is currently in the bridge, awaiting his impending doom. Whilst many other Clones swing barrels and fire endlessly at the windows he is anylizing the situation.


He looks up to see a trembling Clone, spattered with oil and covered in wires. "The droids have begun boarding!". Sev stared in confusion. "But . . . whilst we are on a collision course?!". The other Clone could only nod. Sev lifted his rifle and aimed at the life support console. Realizing his final chance he fires.


Electricity leaps from the console and attempts to engulf the Clones within its grip. Sev half-running, half-jumping, makes towards the console and pulls out a huge amount of wires. He immediately throws himself at the windows, but to no effect. He rolls himself to the support beam and jams the wires furiously into random sockets.


The support beam suddenly glew a furious azure and began to shake. The windows fell loose . . . The company threw themselves through the viewports and into the air. Sev quickly jumps onto the Acclamator's hull, steadies himself and makes for the nearest body of water.


Then . . . his world was turned upside down. The Acclamator flipped and he finally looked upon the field of battle, still clutching at indentations in the hull. A show of Crimson lights played across the battlefield, engulfing everything in a hue of Scarlet. The ship was coming down faster than expected. By now Sev lost his usually calm and collected trait and panicked. His grip became strained . . .


Sev awoke to a deathly silence, smoke was rising from the ground and bodies littered the beach. He sat up and observed the area. Nothing . . .


Was this death? Sev then narrowed his eyes . . . The scene erupted to life so fast Sev could've sworn he was at the Carida Academy, undergoing another reflex test. Quickly recalling his combat training at Anaxes Sev knew he was in no state to fight close quarter. He searched for his DC-17, but had no luck. He went to a crouch position and studied the area. Seeing one of his comrades in trouble he felt but a small portion of his allies terror.


He drew his blade and lurked towards the soldier, eyeing his rifle with jealousy. Siezing the moment he leapt upon the foe with astounding speed and agility. He brought out his knife and put a gaping hole in the torso. Staring at the corpse he brought out his sidearm. "Im sorry . . .". He fired the shot.


The soldier gave no signs of pain, nor did he struggle. Sev siezed the rifle and excecuted as he remembered the Anaxsi salute.


This was how Clones were taught to fight . . . without remorse, without hesitation. Sev was no soldier . . . he was a warrior.


He hastily searched the body for any other useful fares and stumbled upon the Sniper attatchment. He slowly brought it to the rifle and eyed it with amazement. Sliding it onto the correct position he twisted it twice, then three times and put his visor to the scope.


He unleashed a torrent of fire, slicing through droids as easy as a knife through butter. He even managed to put a hole in the Hailfire droids, more than once. Then . . . a whir of motion caught his eye, his eyes were set upon a new enemy. He jumped to his feet and sprinted up to the catwalk.


A Wookie tried to get past him, but Sev shoved back. . . not the smartest of choices. The Wookie raised his fists and brought them down upon Sev's helmet. Sev fell in agony, but then rose to the Wookies throat with his blade. "You walking carpet! Out of my way!!!" In a quick spin he launched the Wookie off the catwalk and into an enemy formation.


He sprinted to the end of the catwalk and took a prone position. "There he is . . ." Sev recognised the crashed remains of his Acclamator, right next to his victim. Something came to mind . . . "I wonder if they ever fixed that fusion cell . . ." He took aim at the generator and grinned. The formation begun to advance and . . .


Sev raised his fist skyward in a triumphant cheer. Blue-green lights danced across the CIS Ranks, decimating the Droid army. The Acclamator was utterly destroyed by the blast, but a worthy sacrifice. Any who failed to escape by this time surely did not . . . time . . . He immediately whirled and rushed into the nearest hut, siezing a Clone medic. "How long since that Acclamator crashed?" The medic looked at him, puzzled. Sev corrected the Medics moment of stupidity by pointing at the now destroyed wreckage.


"A coupla' days at most I'd say . . ."


To be continued . . .

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