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HELP! my menu stoped showing up!


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Hey im new to this forum and im really hoping someone here can help me.

i was playing the game no prob for ever, ive never had an issue before.

but the other day i went to start playing on my LAN server with my buddys as we always do BUT when i launch the game the main menu wont show up anymore, the sceen for profiles never comes up, just the blue wire frame stuff in the back ground.

ive tried updating and rolling back drivers, ive reinstalled the game about 10 times in different ways. ive almost reached the point where the only thing left to try is a format reinstall of my whole system, but thats not really an option here.


has anyone ever seen this problem before? or have any ideas on how i can fix it?!?



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I found out what it is, thought id post it just in case anyone else run into this.

its a conflict with my Saitek Gamers Keyboard divers.

its a known issue with Saitek as i found digging around.

all that has to be done is disable it in device man.

the game works fine now, the only thing i cant figure out is why it worked for 3 months with no prob and just out of the blue started.

who knows....but my game is fixed so thats all i care about.


so heads up anyone who has or is wanting the Saitek keyboard.

great keyboard, but software needs work!!

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I cant remember now.....but i found the info on it on the Saitek site.

look there



Originally posted by avonnied

glad you posted this.. i have been goign crazy trying to figure out what was causing it..


what exactly did you disable?

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