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New Jedi Knight Petition


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Originally posted by SniperForceX

*Signs*pulls out disrupter* we want another JK game. (we also want more sniper weapons)


X out

And we dont want a disruptor next time. I am very dissapointed in the Star Wars Universe realism in JA/JO, the models look cartoony and the general realism is terrible. Also, dont rush them, a great man once said "If you rush a mericle man, you get crappy mericles." And I dont need to put my name up, you can bet ten credits the guys at LA will release a new game. Do you think they would leave the game like they did in JA?

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Originally posted by lukeskywalker1




Only JK2 and JKA have used Q3. Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, and MOTS have all used there own engines (well, MOTS was an expansion to JK... so same engine there).



Ah, I always thought JK1 was made from the Q2 engine... although Q2 did use sprites and no models so I'm probably and most likely wrong. :p

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Originally posted by acdcfanbill

if my rusty memory serves me, the jk1 engine was code named Sith ? or perhaps that was df...


Yeah, I think I read that somewhere.


And I dont need to put my name up, you can bet ten credits the guys at LA will release a new game. Do you think they would leave the game like they did in JA?


I hate to say it, but it seems like LA just makes and releases them now. Game after game, so right when they are done with one they use the profits to make another, not to support current games, it seems.


It sucks, but it doesn't seem like there will be many patches for new JK games. Took them over a month to release the patch for JKA... when Raven had the patch ready a week after the official game release :-\ Who knows why.

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I think the best bet at this time would be to either have the next JK game be set in the prequel era (or perhaps the KOTOR era), and/or do what they did in MotS/JA and tell the story of another Jedi. As much as I like Kyle, having him as the hero again might become a bit monotonous.


That's basically why Raven created a new character (Jaden) and let us design him/her to our own specifications. That's actually not a bad concept and, as long as Kyle's involved in some substanial way (and the game is good, of course) I'll probably be happy. What I really want, though, is a more classic "Dark Forces" feel and better weapon balance. JA is way too prequel-ish, even though it is still a good game.


Oh yeah, and i want to see a real gritty, dirty Nar Shaddaa, too. :D


Only JK2 and JKA have used Q3. Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, and MOTS have all used there own engines (well, MOTS was an expansion to JK... so same engine there).


This is true. I just figured since Republic Commando was made with the current Unreal engine, if LEC began production on a new Jedi Knight game in the near future, they would use this engine since they already have a crew that is experienced with it. How long they wait to make a new game will probably determine the graphics engine, though. If, indeed, it takes another five years (I hope not) then we probably will end up with a modified Doom 3 engine.

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Originally posted by razorace

What are you talking about? Q2 was 3d models only. Just like Quake 1. Plus, Jedi Knight 1 was created with an exclusive engine.


Oops, miseducation on my part. In any case, it would be nice to see a new JK game with a new protagonist and an awesome physics engine to boot.

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the new game will come probally in the late summer 2006 *if it will come*

and i hope it will come later so that the creators can get some more balanced options in the game


anyways we will probally know that thay will make on in december 2005 or else january


but im also yust guessing on this for now :o


all we can do is hope for this game to come

becouse its an pretty nice serie the DF/JK one that is

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I love StarWars games. I love the Dark Forces series.


I really do.


I dislike Raven though. They don't support their games. Even if they do, they do it wrong, because they listen to the bitchfactory that is communed by assholes with no skill.


When Raven issued 1.04 for JKO, it was the equivalent of [Edit: Pornographic flame removed. Please refrain from these in the future or suffer the consequences. ]. Good thing they were supporting SOF2 at the time. What a GRAND game that was. Piece of ****.


I hope the gazillionth sequel goes to another contractor using another engine, dump Activision's Q3 one. The only good thing Activision ever did was release Q1. That was it.


****, just get a new team to make the game, and dump the stupid companies on the side (bar LucasArts of course.....they're the ones with the only good thing - licence).

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Dark Forces = Jedi engine (created in-house at LA)


Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith: Jedi Knight Companion Missions = Sith engine (created in-house at LA)


Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast = Quake 3 engine modified by Raven Software


Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy = Quake 3 engine modified by Raven Software

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yea, it would be great to have another JK/JA/JO sequel, I just would like to give support for thi petition as ravem10, if I need to give my real name I'll do it.


WHY another JK/JA/JO game? Lot of reasons, realy! I played KOTOR I and II, curently playing Republic Comando (not bad), but I would just rate JA/JO above any of those games, although I have to say that the story in KOTOR i and II is good (whell KOTOR II story is not so good becayse of ending, unless they gonna make KOTOR III and explain everything). Now with the solid story line in next JA, that would be a great game. I mean Episode III is behind the corner, sixology is ower, all of us loving SW in general would like to see some kind of continuation and since there is not going to be any more movies (it seams) game like this are only way to keep SW vibe allive. And that is why is all this wery important.


I don't know, Luke Skywalker might turn to the dark side or something (less likely cuzz he seams to be chosenone and not his stupid father Anakin aka Darth vader), hehehe just a thought, no fence to all Anakin fans.

Can they change the way that Katarn looks like, or invoke some other character on Master Jedi level.

Generaly is all fomiliar (but not less interesting, oncontruary ), after the balance in the Force caused By Luke's achivement, another turmoil ahould arise and its not imposible to happen, another sith from the past or the future, and the STORY BEGINS..............


Best Regards to all..........

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I heard that KotORII's ending had many parts cut due to the lack of time to finish them. If they had put all of them, fixed some more glitches, I'd really put it to KotORI's level.


I really want to be Kyle again. Even if it's only for a mission or two.


And make them invest a bit more on the story. It really adds to single player mode. JA's story just plain sucked, in my opinion. =/

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I'm all for a new JK too. Put my name on the dotted line.


Also, though JK:JA's story wasn't excellent, it wasn't horrible.


Another thing,I'd love to see Kyle in the lead role again for the sp.(with some nice gun fighting levels of course)



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Add my name to the list too. I am a huge fan the entire DF/JK/MOTS/JO/JA series. There have far too many fan based levels/mods done for all 5 games, and far too many fourms/posts, etc... for Lucasrts to justignore the success of this franchise, and simply shelve the whole thing. ROTS will definately once again ignite/rekindle the Star Wars game flame in all of us, and leave us craving new games, and fill our hearts and minds with new levels/mods for all of the classics, as well as any new release which comes down the gaming pipeline.



Take all of our MOD and level work, use all of our MOD and level ideas and stories, Create a new engine, give us a sequel and ANTHOLOGY ALL IN ONE PACKAGE!! We want Jason Court again in exciting, breathtaking FMV sequences again. Do a prequel, give us the backstory, Rahn and Morgan Katarn. Maybe another DF style game bridging the gap between DF and JK. Maybe even incorporate them both somehow!!


Of course that's just how I see it, I could be wrong


PS A new Dash Rendar Game would be cool too!!...He's really not dead you know:D :D :D

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I myself am a huge fan of star wars especially JO/JA and i would love to see another choose your own character(and destiny) along with a more balanced weapon system and a good storyyline. Sign me up.


jaden decar



Anyway i would like a more balanced weapon system instead of saber rules all.

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Ahh man manipulating stuff with the force,

just like you said man i think that would put more Star Wars in Jedi academy.


I feel JO was better than JA but hey lets

hope that Jx will pwn em all.


Signed by Maxstate

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This is the word from LucasArts as of 5/4/2005:


At this time, we have no plans for another Jedi Knight game but we will pass along your feedback to our Production department.


Thank you,

LucasArts Public Relations


Jedi Academy came out approximately a year-and-a-half after Jedi Outcast. Jedi Academy is more than a year-and-a-half old, but not only is there no follow-up game, they aren't working on one or even have plans for another one.


After what the "community" did to Jedi Academy, you can hardly blame them for not wanting to invest time, money, and effort to make a follow-up game if the same thing is going to happen to the next game.


Here is how I put it in another forum:


Originally Posted by Quigs

I think that having a game with so much variety, will help prolong the use of a game, and only improve upon your gaming experience.


Originally posted by Amidala

That's right, and that's the problem with Jedi Academy: there is so little variety. Almost all "FFA" servers are really mass dueling, no guns, no Force, "no laming" JA+ servers. The rest are Lugormod or ForceMod III RPG servers. Where is the variety?


There are only 66 Duel servers, and on a Friday night only 17 are being used, 49 of them are totally empty. There are only two Power Duel servers.


Tonight there are only 13 Siege servers with any humans on them.


There are only 25 TFFA servers, and on a Friday night all but 5 of them are totally empty.


There are only 20 CTF servers, and all but 4 of them are empty or have only bots.


Where is the variety? Because so many players have left due to boredom playing the game with 80% of it disabled, "honor codes" and "rules" that punish people for playing the game by the real rules, and abusive admins who humiliate, kick, and ban players on a whim, there isn't much left.


Meanwhile, another Quake III engine game, Call of Duty, which came out only three months after Jedi Academy, has 4,182 servers with 3,539 players tonight.


Even the oldest Quake III engine game, Quake III, has 2,755 servers with 2,630 players tonight.


Compare that to Jedi Academy, based on the same engine, and with the magic of the Star Wars universe, lightsabers, and Force powers going for it, with a pitiful 476 servers, most of which are empty, and less than 1,000 players on a Friday night.


No wonder LucasArts has "no plans for another Jedi Knight game" at this time. A "community" that punishes and humiliates players, tells players to "go play Quake or UT2004", disables 80% of the game's features, calls people who use weapons other than their favorite one "gun noobs" (imagine calling someone that on a Call of Duty or Quake III server), and uses game servers mostly to chat and play act doesn't deserve the time, money, and effort that a company and programmers put into designing, programming, and marketing a new game.


All the fools happily "punishing rule-breakers" on their servers don't realize the harm they are doing. They are too focused on controlling and dominating their own little worlds. They are missing the big picture.


Meanwhile, KOTOR came out for PC after Jedi Academy, and KOTOR II is already out. Battlefront II has been announced, even though Battlefront is less than a year old.


A "community" that actively punishes players and drives them out of the game can't prosper and thrive. Any smart game company is not going to invest time and money making a new game for a self-destructive "community", when they can get a much better return on their investment making new games for better communities.

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