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Wear or play?

Wear or play?  

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If I were in the US, i'd probably get the T-Shirt and wear it proudly before I got beat-up.


But I live in England where gaming stores don't have as much faith in psychonauts and therefore won't be offering free crap with it's release.


Damn you British Marketing!

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Originally posted by itchythesamurai

The deck seems like more effort was put into it with each card having unique art apparently, but the t-shirt will probably keep better. Shirt it is.

I have one of the decks, and each card unfortunately doesn't have unique art. Each of the suits has the same art on the face cards (same jack, queen, king) and the number cards, whatever they're actually called, only have a few different graphics that are repeated. They're still really nice though. I can't decide if I should use them or not :(

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I preordered from ebgames because I didn't even see the shirt deal. I didn't care though, because I know I probably won't wear the shirt because it's an XL(and I'm more like a Med.), and I'm not a big tiedye wearer. If it had been...say a large or medium "Whispering Rock" t-shirt I would have cancelled my ebgames order in a second and ordered from gamestop. I don't plan on using the cards because I don't want to "hurt" them, and I probably would have done the same with the shirt though. I did unwrap the cards though...just to look at them.


I'm not a big collector, but the cards are precious to me.


Besides that, I'm glad I ordered from ebgames...otherwise I might have gotten one of the "double disk" games, and that would have sucked. I think I got mine before the gamestoppers too.

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