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Originally posted by clonearcman

Why am I hearing so much complaining about Battlefront 1 and 2? I am a Star Wars freak so I love battlefront even in its apparent "bad" condition. The pictures have to look like the battlefront we play right now because it's a PREVIEW and people don't just want to stare at words. Pandy and Lucas haven't really even started it! The PREVIEW is about what they expect, not what the finished product is. Most of you probably know this but you're acting like its done already and those pictures are what the battlefront 2 is. The developers just went into the battlefront we have that I know and love and made a new map or two that we haven't seen, played it, took some pictures of it, and gave it to the Gamepro enquirers. Not the Battlefront 2 yet guys. Can we please stop complaining?


Your wrong in a few of ways...


1) They are using the same graphix engine as Battlefront so the graphics will be the same besides new models and somthing with ILM. (ILM is like making the graphics smoother or somthing, its in the article)


2) Dude this game has been in development for awhile. Since Battlefront was released Battlefront 2 has been in works. Thats why we are getting a fall release, so you are seeing these graphics to some level.


3) And yes they have started it, for some time now. Since the release of fall.

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Originally posted by dartheaglesp

I just hope for one thing out of SWBF 2- That they have fixed it so that in Instant Action, you can choose which side you want to play on.


You can choose your side now. Not sure what your problem is, but you can pick sides as it stands.


And they ARE working on a beta test for a patch right now. I believe that we'll see SWBF patched one more time before the end. I wish I could tell people what's in it. It's frustrating to see people griping to fix things that already have been addressed and not be able to tell them that it's being fixed as we speak.

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Originally posted by Murf

Darth Sinical,


You in the Pandemic Test?


Is it progressing well?


Any idea when patch will be out?


Yes, I am in the test, but as StarWarsPhreak said, I can't really say when it will be out. To be honest, I don't even really know specifically when it will be released.


Anyone is welcome to sign up for it. I believe someone said it's for folks in the U.S. only, maybe Canada too, not sure. I know nothing official in that regard, but that's what I heard.


I wish I could give out details. Oh how I wish I could say more than "Wait and see." But it will be worth the wait I think.

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-16 new battle recreations

-The maps used wil be more objective based then command points based. ex- escort Leia to escape pods etc.

-Improved AI, verbal commands, points to direction of the battle

-space battles

-Jedi classes for both light and dark sides of the force

-Improved graphics, same engine though (and they do look better, thanks to ILM)


I would post the text, but I use a camera so the picture would be really bad.

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Psychofreds post on SWBF2 has some merits but I can't justify the development timeline as being the value equal to selling a complete new Title even with the purported features.


I am sure plenty of us play plenty of FPS titles from Battlefield, MOH, to COD and each expansion pack brought more vehicles, classes, features, maps and improved gameplay. And I didn't pay $50 for those expansion packs. More importantly those developers really supported their base game with multiple patch releases. With that alone I can't let Pandemic or LA off the hook for SWBF1.


I also take into account that the engine for SWBF2 is still designed and confined to console hardware limitations. This makes the PC version yet another port of the original. This time I'll do a wait and see for SB:BF2.



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I seriously doubt it enless someone proves me wrong because what would the classic starwars video games be without the characters (which a lot are jedi)? For an example let's use Geonosis. They could have Mace and Dooku still running around and we could be the rest of the Jedi order taking on the droids. You know. Being Darth Maul would be the coolest thing alive. I wish we could play him! :maul5:

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Originally posted by Neon

But I will only buy Battlefront 2 if there are A-wings, B-wings, and Jango Fett and Boba Fett as hero. :p


Right on!, Jango and Boba are awesome. The Ships that you mentioned, i thunk deserved to be in the original SWB, so not putting them in the 2nd would be like having a hamburger without the bun

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I searched battlefront 2 on google, and a lot of foreign laguages came up. I went to Dictionary.com, and translated them for you guys.


French site:


Reads: Rumeur Star Wars Battlefront almost 2 confirme Friday March 25, 2005 has 20h23 by NetsabesOn spoke about it already three months ago and it would seem well that Ca is confirmed: according to the German site GameFront (thank you PlayFrance for information has), which holds its information of magazine PC Gamer, LucasArts prevoit to leave E the autumn (to include/understand for Christmas) Wars Star: Battlefront 2. It would be under development for PC and consoles (one does not know yet which). Among the levels prevus, one promises the Star of Death to us, the vessel of the Leia Princess at the beginning of Episode IV as well as a level integralement in space, with in background the Star of Mort.SW Battlefront had profits to be sold passion cree by box DVD Star Wars. To less than the DVD of Episode III does not arrive as of the this autumn, it does not have there with the new dernieres step again DVD Star Wars prevu for Christmas. One thus wishes good luck has LucasArts to sell his thing. Me, I will make a small turn to outside try to calm this mechant insane laughter which took to me has the evocation of Battlefront 2.

German site:http://www.demonews.de/kurznachrichten/index.php?shortnews=3756

Reads: The tactics Shooter star Wars Battlefront will go into the next round, because today a successor was annouced.In star Wars Battlefront 2 is spendiert gotten the computer opponents an improved intelligence, in addition also the Gameplay is to be revised. As first details to contents of star Wars Battlefront 2 became admits that in a level a world dream battle into and around the death star take place will star Wars Battlefront 2 was in the autumn to this yearly to appear. It will give in any case a PC version, additionally to console conversions designated not yet more nea



ReadsInformation ] Towards a Star Wars Battlefront 2?25 March 2005 with 16h18 by ThibautD' after the site Gamefront, magazine PC Gamer would have presented in its last number what will constitute the future Star Wars Battlefront 2!Ce new title of LucasArts will try this time, after a first relatively successful episode, to modify the bottom of the play, namely a better artificial intelligence as well friendly as enemy, but also to propose more varied decorations of which some drawn from Episode 4 of the saga (the Star of Died to quote only it...)!De even the objectives of mission will not be confined any more with the occupation of the various stations of to carry out many objectives to gain a battle!Prévu for autumn, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will leave on PC and probably on consoles!


Keep in mind that the translators arent great, but It sufficed me, so here you guys go

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i think the reason why i couldnt post that long msg was cuz of a fire wall. anyway i read wat u found phirestorm (or wat i thought i read). thnx for doin research. last night i encounter a german site that had info bout SWBF2. my question is: how can all these other countries have more information than us (correct me if im wrong but i haven't found many american sites talkin bout it) last i chech skywalker ranch was in the USA. if u ask me i think they plannin to move their offices to china:p . seriously thou. can u guys keep me up to date wit any new developments? i would greatly appreciated.


-May the force be with us all:ewok:


PS. im new to this site n foum so if u guys have some "productive criticism" i would greatly appreciated.

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sup freaks n chicks, ive read every single comment in this forum concerning the release of BF2. i have to say i agree wit many of u when it comes to the gazillion bugs n backstabbin wookies. most of u have pretty convincing arguments specially Achillesz7. i had thought of many of the ideas he proposed n i like the rest of wat he said. galactic conquest shouldve been in BF1. regardless of wat many of u may think i would like to kno mo' bout the jedi class n how are they gonna keep the jedi as a lean mean killin race w/o givin them too much power that they would make my x-wing hit a wall or eject me from my chair. again Achillesz7 u have kool ideas for BF2 just hope some1 reads them. i would b more than happy to blow off any wall in a seige mission or escort tranports to a space station n then land on the hangar pull out my magnum i mean blaster rifle n retake back the station from other teams by blowin up walls n such. Lastly i noticed nobody has mention this but i would like to see multiple teams goin up at in a map (i mean more than two teams). for example in a space mission rebels vs empire goin at it meanwhile theres a pirate space station caught in the mid of it n both rebels n empire r tryin to capture not kill an informative who is hiding in the pirate station. that i would love to see or relatively close to that. also i had forgotten all bout the almighty A-wing. neon u r right i miss the good old a-wing n phirestorm i also would like to see jango n boba. hamburger w/o buns uhm isnt that a pattycrabby? lastly i have a comment on the B-wing. i dunno if many of u played X-wing Allience for the PC many years back (1999 i think) it was an awesome game which i cant play now cuz my joystick broke after a tremendous trip to the core of the :deathii: . anyway the bwings were awesome in that game the thing is after playin rougue squadron 2&3 i was disappointed. in the pc game u could alternate ur laser cannons with the ion cannons of any ship and could also link them together (mostly bwing n ywing) but in the gamecube versions u have to hold on to a button until the ion cannnon charges n then release a huge blue energy ball which would not even disable a fighter completely i hate that. also in SWBF there arent any ion cannons on the ywing thats wat makes it most special. let me kno wat u all think


-May the force be with us all. :ewok:

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