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SWBF2: Sequel Megathread! - Discuss Battlefront 2 Here!


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Originally posted by chatto

darth sinical are u a tester, how do u become one, wat r the perks, do u get paid? i would like to kno!!!


Yes, I am a beta tester. To become one, go to http://www.pandemicstudios.com/swbfmultiplayer/, sign up, and cross your fingers.


The perks are that you get to play the beta code now, help find and solve problems, you have the ear of one of the devs, and actually feel like you're helping the game improve. The downside is you can't talk about it. It's like finding out who killed Kennedy, what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, and where Elvis is living, and then you gotta keep shut about it!


But no, you don't get paid. The contract between the tester and Pandemic is that you get the code early, but in return you have to help them find and fix problems and you can't really say anything about it.

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From what I'm reading nobody really knows for sure.


For chatto: Lucas Arts is an international company and has a lot of factories and companies or what ever in other countries. Since other countries seem to have quicker production in video games they seem to get them first and can give information about it first.

Don't know if its true or not but I hear most of US videogames are produced in other countries.

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This should be an expansion pack, not a sequel.


At least (an expansion) for PC users, while console only people have no other choice regardless, sorry guys.


I mean, the *same engine* only tweaked? The first game seemingly dropped like a lead ballon with little support? What a shame. This is a Public relations nightmare...


I pre-ordered SWBF. I think I'll wait SWBF2 out and buy a copy when the game hits 30$ (expansion price), or just get a used copy off E-Bay after its been out for a while.


This seems like a poor treatment of fans, which will only hurt PR for Lucas Arts. I feel sorry for pandemic too, as they will catch alot of flak for this, but they are under the command of the LA to produce what LA wants... It seems they've been sucked into a bad deal, hate that for them.


I hope better mod tools, and community support, come with this game. It might actually thrive then, but competition is pretty fierce anymore in the market for vehicle based FPS games.


Don't get me wrong, SWBF is a fun game. But to make a sequel out of the same engine, even if it does have some really cool new features, just seems like bad business.

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Seriously guys. Lighten up. Yes, its unpolished, but dont let that stop from yourself enjoying it.


I think its one of the greatest game out there. I stilll play it like 2 hours a day average, and I got it November 21. So stop being pesimistic, and look at the silver lining- no other star wars gaem has laet you play like this. and yes, lucasarts should make it better, other wise it shouldnt be considered an advancement.

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Originally posted by Craftsman

Well lets compare it to BF2. The models look like cardboard cutouts not real 3D images. The physics engine was limited. Common. I enjoy my games, but I do have some standards.


The Point of Threas ofSWB2, in my opinion, is to see how the succesor will be better than the first, not that the original SWB stinks comparitivly

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This game was designed for consoles so it doesn't have the depth of the BF serie.


Frankly, that's what is lacking. No bullet deviation or recoil, no hit boxes on vehicles(asking for a balistics system is a bit much).



The graphical detail was pretty good in SWBF. The models weren't half bad(coould be better but eh).

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Originally posted by Craftsman

I felt like i was playing a BETA


I agree. It's like a $50 beta passed off as the real thing, and the "sequel" (which is really the full version) costs $50 as well. They're making $100 from each player for one game. That's not good business.

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Meh, I might consider if it gets good reviews and is an expansion pack. A full game at 50$ would but a huge rip-off.


I'll translate the two french sites given by PhireStorm. I'll try and be as accurate as I can.




Star Wars Battlefront almost confirmed


We were already talking about 3 months ago and it seems that it's being confirmed: according to a german site Gamefront (thanks to PlayFrance for the info), that got its info from PC Gamer magazine, Lucasarts wants to release Battlefront 2 for fall(understand Christmas they're french, I'm french canadian, didn't get this part or the author wasn't clear enough). It would be in development for PC and consoles(we don't know which). Among the promised levels(or maps), they're promising a Death Star, one in Princess Leia's spaceship at the beginning of Episode IV and also a fully space map with the Death Star in the background.


Star Wars Battlefront took advantage of the hype created by the release of the DVD version of Star Wars. Unless that Episode 3's DVD comes out this Fall, there has been no news of a new Star Wars DVD for Christmas. So we wish good luck to Lucasarts in selling their thing. Me, I'm going to go outside to calm myself down after laughing so hard at the news of Battlefront 2.






To a new Star Wars Battlefront 2?


According to GameFront, PC Gamer magazine presented in its lastest issues what would be the future Star Wars Battlefront 2!


This new title from LucasArts will attempt to this time, with a first episode relatively good, to modify the deep parts of the game, a better friendly and enemy AI but also more varied settings, some from the Episode IV of the saga(The Death Star just to mention one)!


Also, the objective of a mission will not only be occupying command posts but will force you to accomplish several objectives to win a battle!


Foreseen for Fall, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be out for PC and probably for consoles!



After reading about it, I think this Battlefront 2 is what Pandemic originally wanted the game to be before they were rushed to meet with the DVD release deadline.

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I do agree about the BETA Thing, and that it shouldn't cost more than a 5$ expansion.


Still, though, it would be nice to stop refering to SWB as in a viewpoint of flaws and weaknesses. Instead. How about focusing on SWB2 Improvements.


I'll start. Even though Using the same engine, its gload to hear an improvement in graphics, even hoe small it is. I hear thats its official thats there is going to be a deathstar map. I wonder if it'll be inside as well, maybe a dock where the ties are?


If they did change the engine, it would have to be a sequel, but It would be a massive improvement. I would like to see scenery thats interactive as well, such as destructable walls.


It'll be nice to add EU timelines, Such as Old Republic vs the sith.

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right, not to upset anyone......


but come on, how can you guys seriously compare this game to Battlefield, when quite simply they are two completely different game. If Galactic Conquest was never made for BF1942, would we even be putting the two in the same category probably not. I have both games, and I must say that I am totally happy that SWBF is nothing like BF1942, because it would take away the one aspect that makes this game great, which is 'fun' something people have forgotten since its arrival. It was never going to be a world beater, it was never going to par with half-life 2 and doom 3 for graphics, but I must say I have got more money out of SWBF than any other game, quite simply because I have surrounded my self with a great set of guys (TAW) who look at the game in a positive aspect.


I think if anyone had the choice between paying £10 and £40, they would more often than not, go for the cheaper option. However, its fine saying more people would pay for an expansion, which simply isn't true, because that would mean newcomers, would have to buy both, rather than just the one game..


As for the jedi class, I think the magazine said it would be available 'in certain modes' meaning that it may not neccesarily be available to all, and that they will be limited due to changes in the game engine. However, one person I would like to see more is Yoda, someone who hasn't been mentioned a lot, but is one of the most crucial characters in the movies.


I'm not part of the beta testers, so those guys will know more than me, but the likely changes that have been made, would probably take too much uploading and downloading to put into a single patch, so its probably just as easy to put into a new game.


Now for more positive stuff, I'm happy that the devs have taken on board some of the stuff that we have asked, and this is clear from the inclusion of maps such as Tantive and Coruscent, and with the inclusion of 16 new maps, how can anyone be disappointed. What I would like to see in the next installment, is, if its going to be a new game, to have all the previous maps aswell, since having to switch between games would be a pain.


Also, I really hope that they manage to allow the present mod tools to work with the new game.


As well as hoping that the new mod tools coming out shortly after the release, I hope they will also get the remote admin out as soon as possible, as this will not only attract and keep more people with the game, but also stop people from complaining.


Apart from those, I just hope that LucasArts puts more into their marketing strategies, and that they support and grow the community more than what they have done, as its the community which makes a game.

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Originally posted by Judderman_TAW

I think if anyone had the choice between paying £10 and £40, they would more often than not, go for the cheaper option. However, its fine saying more people would pay for an expansion, which simply isn't true, because that would mean newcomers, would have to buy both, rather than just the one game..


When you make a sequel or an expasion, your main buyers are the fans of the previous game or the simple owners. SWBF sold quite well but overall felt incompleted. I remember all of the promises we heard, all the good stuff that would be in, all of it that seems to be in this sequel/expansion.


This is where people feel cheated. First, they rush a game, second, they give rather poor support(though by far not the worst) and finally, they make sequel. If it's a sequel, people are going to pay full price for what should have been in the first game but was removed due to the rush. That's the thing.


They'll probably include an experience system similar to Enemy Territory(I think this is how you'll become a Jedi), something that should've been in the first game.

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I hope they dont make it a whole new game but rather expack for PC. Its just too bad for the Xbox and PS/2 players that have to buy entire games. Its not like a whole new engine. Theyre just adding to it. Public outcry had been asking for those things since the Battlefront conception. I think that most players will shy from it until a demo. They will likely release it with the EPIII DVD. If the HL2 mod Jedi Time Line is released with all the bells and whistles then Battlefront 2 is going to have to have alot to it to get my $$$.

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Ok I'll accept their sadistic terms to buy it for 50 bucks with some conditions:


A. More fighters!!!

I mean for the love of God there ARE space battles!!! u have to bring me a lot a machinery.




2.B-Wing (It's used mainly for space battles so THEY HAVE TO PUT IT)


3.Interceptor (Ok u guys know im obscessed with this one).


B. Jedi yes


Ok this one DESERVES an explanation let's put it this way...I know it would ruin part of the game but it wouln't make sence to hunt jedi if they're allready extinct. lol


C.Old Rep Vs Sith: Yes


Come on let's spice it a little bit.


D.Map editor for consoles.


I know i'm asking TOO much with this but PLZ!!!

Besides it could be a simple one not too elaborated...

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Bear in mind that issuing a sequel instead of an expansion is a ripoff in two ways


1. It costs more (probably $50 instead of $25)

2. You cant use the old maps with the new ones



Battlefield 1942 did the right thing...they issued two expansions both of which came with patches to the original game. This way you get an improved core game engine PLUS the ability to run all the maps from both the original game and the expansions in the same server rotation.


BF2 should be a patch and expansion pack for the PC. Anything else is just an insult to the people who payed for the game.



Also from what i have seen...it is likely that they arent planning on doing a Linux server AGAIN and no RCON controls (therefore no remote servers). Carrying this handicap from the SWBF1 forward dooms SWBF2 to a very limited server community.

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Going on JK2 and JA, SWBF2 will be released as a full game, despite being nothing more than essentially an expansion pack (same engine, a few new tweaks and maps).


Disappointing - I'm not sure if I will get it as SWBF just doesn't compare to what else is available on PC (eg Battlfield series, Call of Duty: United offensive etc)

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A story? You guys seem to forget the slight "story" is historical campaigns. It uses the Triliogy's story, without getting too involved. I think they should do that, by using cutscenes from the movies to get a slight feel of fluency without overwhelming the player, because a story about being regular foot soliders? I don't think so


I think they should add the original Kotor Plot. Either the Mandolorians vs the Old Republic, or Sith Troopers vs the Old Republic. I like the latter better. I know the "average" gamer probaly wont apeal to this, but if you please the demanding hard-core Star Wars fan, you have a good chance on pleasing the average fans. Plus Kotor was renouned for being a good game, getting game of the year award in numerous places. This means more than hard-core fans bought the game. This said, Some average gamers will probaly enjoy to play as the Sith Troopers, or The Old Republic, i know I wantd to play as either of the two sides as I played Kotor.

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