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SWBF2: Sequel Megathread! - Discuss Battlefront 2 Here!


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The 2nd Battlefront need to have bigger ground assault maps like ''The Clone Wars'' game, also remove that blasted limited area. I really, really hate that limit.


They need have space battlefields to look like the space maps in X-wing Alliance. Also they need have realisted looking space terrain, no cheap looking backgrounds. I mean the planets (also moons) need to rotate and have motion in space. Also have; comets, astroids, black holes and pulsars and anything else (if there are any in a specific the star system). :cool:

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Originally posted by Darth Andrew

I hope they will include a Battle of Endor map that would have 3 Star Destroyers vs. 3 Mon Calamari Cruisers, and it would just be a giant space skirmish (where you could either capture or destroy enemy cruisers) with tons of fighters and troop transports. But in the Battle of Coruscant, I hope each side will have 1 cruiser, but in the middle would be a neutral space station (with many turrents) and the personell inside the station would attack everyone, making the battle very interesting.;) And if they remake Mos Eisley, I hope they include large amounts of civilians (and some will shoot both at both sides) so you will have to pay attention that you don't kill innocent people by accident (or not;):dev11: ).

I will like the Deathstar battle at the Battle of Yavin, be like the battle in Rogue Squadron II where I can do the trench run. :)
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Play Rends bounty hunters mod and play as a Tusken Raider and only use the gaffi stick, that is what jedi should be like plus extra jump height.

To give Jedi powers they would have to function similar to the Droideka to be balanced. Basically while going into 'block' mode and deflecting blaster fire they can barely move and are vulnerable to grenades plus they can also use force powers like this. Then you just have normal mode where you are free to attack, run and jump plus Jedi probably shouldnt be able to use vehicles because of their massive manueverablity.

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I'm looking forward to playing Star Wars Battlefront II and hope Yoda gets on the Jedi Class list.


I'll send the developers a request that one of his special weapons be his teeth. I'd like to run up to an Imperial Stormtrooper and sink Yoda's teeth into his ankles. :D


Imagine having an army of teeth gnashing Yodas heading your way :eek:

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Well here are somethings I would like to see in SW:BF2:

(Be it I play on a console)

1. Friends List

2. Clan Lists

3. More human players. I have found a few games with 32 human players, but I would like to have all games with that many human players.

4. Orbital Strike: Needs to be more powerful. I mean if I run my droid under a ATAT I would think those super blasters from a destroyer would blow the ATAT up. Ya think?

5. Jedi Class: Cannot block all laser blasts. No other weapon than a light saber.

6. BIGGER MAPS: These map are to small except for Geinosis,(sp)made for land battles, not air battles.

7. Open mic sucks, need either a prox. mic or button mic system.

8. Easier to vote people off. I have never succesfully voted anyone out of a game.

9. Team killers: If they teamkill x number of players, they are automaticly booted from the game.

10. Be able to download new maps, just as the PC players do. I mean a got a HDD, I would like to use it for something. I have a 40 HD and all I am able to put on it is 3 SOCOM maps. I mean come on!

11. Be able to get more than one bot to follow you at a time.

12. Oh yeah and one more thing, if the clones and republic has a rocket pack guys, than the droids and rebels should have one as well. I can't stand playing tootiwine (sp): Mos Eisley and takeing a control point just to have a rocket man take it back as soon as I leave. Or have the team cornered and a rocketman takes a point across the map. Both factions should be even.

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I just hope it does not end up being nothing but Jedi. I play battlefront to play a infantry/grunt type of game, not a swashbuckling game. There are other games already available if you want Jedi action. It might be alright on a few maps. So I hope the limit the jedi's strength (unlike the jedi NPC in the current SWBF who are practically indestructable - planting a wookiee time bomb next to vader and he does not die - whats up with that?!?!?). I also hope they are limited to certain applicable maps. If Jedi in the game are going to be these ultra powerful characters, then there goes the whole infantry style - be just mostly Jedi everywhere and a few people who don't want to play Jedi dieing frequently and being overpowered. If they are going to make Jedi super strong with a 1 or 2 sabre hit to kill then they should offset it with every grunt player has a weapon that will kill Jedi with 1 hit.

Just my opinion.

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Personally, I don't feel thay method of countering works that well either.


One nice balance would be that you could "aim" the sabre and if a bullet was in the way it counts as a block, but literally, you'd need to "aim", not just point.


Blargh, I say, best counter is a Destroyer droid. (I love the CIS in case no one got the hint).


The Badger, you've got some points, but I think that the other side's lack of Jetpacks offset some unique advantages, E.g SBD has a wrist rocket and the rebels are well camoed in most levels etc.

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I hate being the CIS. They all seem underpowered to me. Of course it may be I don't know the right strategy to play them.


What is your favorite CIS? Any strategies that you would like to reveal on how to play them? I think I'll start a new thread asking this - so don't feel compeled to answer this here.


Also none of them have a jet. I also think the Super BattleDroid should have more wrist rockets, maybe 6.

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Please excuse me if this has been posted before but, I just grabbed the May issue of PC Gamer and they have a sneak peek for the new Battlefront game. Here are some new features.



- More objectives except capturing posts, such as on the Tantive IV level the rebels escort Leia, C -3PO and R2-D2.


- X-Wings can open and close the wings


- ** There will be a Deathstar Level or Two!!!**


- Jedi will be a class on certain levels


- 16 new battle re-creations including the

Battle of Coruscant in Episode III!!!



- NPCs won't be stupid!


- Space battles will play a BIG part in Battlefront 2!


I've seen pictures of space and it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And finally, you get to fight IN the Death Star. So, pick up the May issue of PC Gamer to read the info too!

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^^^^^ I agree the super battle droid has the rockets instead of the concussion grenades but nothing to replace the concussion grenade, I suppose the tri-shot sort of makes up for this but ive almost never seen anyone actually use it. Giving him four or even six rockets would be an improvement considering there reletivly easy to dodge and dont do splash damage like a grenade does.



Some other features I would like to see are the ability to transport two units one the speeder bike like in ROTJ so you could bring a friend to help you take down the sheild bunker.


I would also like to be able to use my weapon while mounted on a taun taun or kaadu.


Another cool feature could be a stun feature on the imperial blaster rifle, it would have a charge time but once fired would stun an opponent allowing you to take him out with little trouble.


I would also like to see more skins for the droids, like black ones on the death star and tan ones in tatooine, also it gets boring looking at the same R5 unit over and over again, the droids should also move around a bit not far from there original positions (not medical droids but the other two) of course but just wander a round a bit and maybe try to hide when combat breaks out.


maybe also some noncombatant NPC's like technicians and protocol droids in imperial and rebel bases and capital ships, who just act as eye candy units and maybe offer a weak defense if there armed with a blaster.


Also about the jedi if they have powers will they be able to help there allies,? Im talking about force heal, will jedi be able to heal friendly units as well as themselves?

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yeah I must say, I wouldn't buy it if it comes out.


although I don't know how many ut2k4 fans there are in here but look at how epic does it, they release bonus packs for free and heres lucas arts milkin it for who knows how much, if it is an expansion it better be free. I spent good money on SWBF 1 and it still needs work to feel right, the bug with the imperial pilots mortar launcher reload mistake is buggin me! hehe as well as why didnt they make a male and female model for each class, now THAT would be cool! I wonder what a female stormtroopers armour would look like! shwing! hehe


I really think they should just add on to the first one but I guess I am a dreamer!

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The graphics and MP bother me the most. It looks like they are not going to improve on anything but rather add to it. Like putting more features on a car that doesnt drive as well as it should. The graphics in the game were not done very well at all. Not very sharp but rather fuzzy. Like your looking through a camera that the lens is smudged with Vaseline. Like I said before, http://www.jeditimeline.com Jedi Time Line is coming out in November and if its as good as it boasts then no need to shell out more $.

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Hey McCusto,


I just picked up my copy of PC Gamer and the screenshots inside the death star look absolutely awesome. Acting out the first storming scene from Star Wars IV is going to be the icing on the cake for me.

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