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SWBF2: Sequel Megathread! - Discuss Battlefront 2 Here!


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Parachutes are exploited to death in BF1942/Vietnam because there's no height limit to when you can use them.


If you could only deploy them succesfully at a minimum of say 40 meters into the air(lower would result in you crashing to death), there would be no problem of ditching the plane 5 meters from the ground and deploying your chute.


Forgotten Hope partially fixed the problem by giving parachutes to only paratroopers and pilots.

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Originally posted by Dagobahn Eagle

Parachuting with a turbo laser turret shooting at you is suicide, too, so that's not really a valid argument.

Well they should some kind of escape system.What about a antigrav system (kinda like a jetpack but better)the will let levitate and have jetpack to rocket you out of harms way.



Do you Dagobahn Eagle have a great idea what will be a good escape system ?

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lukeiamyourdad It's the same thing as a parachute instead with another name and all.


True True! i wouldnt want to see any type of escape system in this game, it seems pointless to me. Aside from escape pods on cruisers, there should not be anything but a pilot on a fighter with its seatbelt locked on tight and hands taped to the steeering wheel (wheel in case they let u fly the buick from rogue squadron II!)


Dagobahn Eagle: Parachuting with a turbo laser turret shooting at you is suicide, too, so that's not really a valid argument.


I was thinking the same thing too yo! lol!!!!


-May the force be with us all. :ewok:

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Lol this reminds me when I did an heroic escape and victory and all that ____ lol it was hillarious i stole a geonosian fighter and i got shot down but i manage to pull it up a little bit...and when i was about to crash i jumped off!!


lol I managed to take the derelict and STILL beat the ____ out of the remaining 23 cis lol I kick so much ____


(single player off-course)

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Sounds promising so far! I just hope they make the maps with more detail and are much larger. I hope the reinforcemant count is controllable by the human player. Tired of playing short games that lasted 5-7 minutes. I heard they raised team count from 16 to 24. That is cool! I just hope they add Imperial Officers, Probots. Tie Interceptors, A-wings, B-wings, and Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttles.


They need to add more maps that include planets and locations from other parts of the films. I know it sounds corny but a Courscant, Alderran, Mustafar, Utapau, and Dagobah map should be included. I heard the game will cover the time frame from episode II all the all to battle of hoth in episode V. Which sounds funny not including battles from the rest of episode V, VI, or even I. Could be speculation!

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And I think they stick way too much with the films, as all modern Star Wars games seem to do. The X-Wing series actually had people who dared and were able to come up with their own plots and stories, and TIE Fighter (which had no battles from the films) is regarded as not only the best SW sim out there, but the best sci-fi sim out there, of any universe.


It's just pathetic how the RS series uses, say, Hoth over and over and over again instead of coming up with new scenarios (which they aren't, most of the stuff in RS is either movie or EU). It's also sad how they feel they have to include everything from the films, even if it doesn't fit in the least (the horrible Dagobah and Sarlacc levels being but two examples). And don't get me started on Battle for Naboo:mad:.


And Battlefront seems to be doing the damn same thing. Yes, Hoth is fun, but we want something new, already! In TIE Fighter I was fighting pirates and traitors, ending a civil war between the Dimok and the Ripoblus, and protecting the development of the Missile Boat. To mention a few things.


Battlefront II needs to have new things in it. New settings, new plots, new ideas. I've grown tired of seeing this Vader-hugging and Hoth-loving and movie-embracing. Show some creativity, already!

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Well it's easy to say add some creativity but the space sims were a special case. I mean, the only background you needed was space, the only setting you needed was, space!


In this case, you would need to create whole new planets with whole new settings which is almost impossible to find something truly original.

The RS serie, trying to differenciate themselves from the space sims, added atmospheric flight in their games. Is it a bad thing? Not really, but it indeed does get old. I was amazed at their decision to make a third title because there seemed to be no more material to draw from.


Is playing Hoth again and again repetitive? Yes! The difference now is that you play from the perspective of a grunt or you can play in the trenches or pilot an AT-AT. That's the only possible diversity.


Like I said, it's easy when you don't have to create the looks of the world. You get much more creative freedom. You don't have to bother with what kind of plants, what kind of terrain, what kind of climate that planet has.

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Come on! Yes I agree they should add things not seen in the movies (how 'bout a Mon Calamari map?) but the movie stuff is still a little bit better. I just wish in Battlefront I they made the main areas more diverse. Such as the Endor bunker, a corridor with a wimpy control room? Please!:o

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Its the famous from the movies are what attracts the most people to the game, I mean it seems much cooler being the rebels defending Hoth then rebels defending some planet you've never heard of before, I'd like to see a few EU maps and stuff but they should keep the originals (with more depth of course)

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No one really answered my question, but meh...


I don't see why every game needs its own unique engine. Galactic Conquest uses BF 1942's engine and rules. Empires uses the Titan engine (which was also used for Empire Earth) and is an awesome game still:).


Because they are using it for Battlefrount 2, which you will also be buying.

:confused: Are you talking to me?

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yo sup to all!!!


It just came into my head: Are jedi going to be able to fly any ships in the levels where their class is allowed? and wat about force powers like the ones in Jedi Starfighter?


It'll be intersting if they let you fly a starfighter with the jedi class and it'll be mo' interesting if u could use force powers while on it. I dont mean exactly the same pwrs as in JS but should the jedi have powers while in air? u tell me!


One last thing, i hope the maps are big enough so i can pilot troops on the gunship and deploy them right behind enemy lines no not having to land two seconds after take off as it's the case in BF1, that would surely make my day or month...who knos maybe it'll make me think about considering the probability of renting the game before thinking it over again before buying it!


-May the force be us all. :ewok:

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Switching gears, BF2 boasts of 12 new levels. I'm wondering if they'll additionally toss in the original maps from Battlefront 1. But maybe not since the gameplay in BF2 is supposed to shift away from the original's arcade like style.


I guess my concern is that 12 "HUGE" maps doesn't sound like enough bang for my buck when you consider BF1's 16 assorted maps. Here's BF1's maps:


Yavin - Arena

Yavin - Temple

Rhen Var - Harbor

Rhen Var - Citadel

Tatoonine - Dune Sea

Tatoonine - Mos Eisley

Naboo - Theed

Naboo - Plains





Kashyyyk - Docks

Kashyyyk - Village

Bespin - Cloud City

Bespin - Gas Mine (ship level)


(Not mentioning Jabbas because that was in a patch)


I guess it would be good to have these old maps in BF2 and make them available to the player with the new changes in gameplay. BUT it would be a big slap in the face to all of us who bought the original game only to have to RE-BUY the original that contains a ton of new stuff. I just feel like BF2 should be an expansion "pack" and the two versions (BF1 and 2) would work together and not be completely seperate. And if they don't label it as an expansion than at least give the people that bought the original (and underdeveloped) game a $10 discount or something!


Again, having both the new and old maps in BF2 will beef up level selection online. I just know that after a month those new 12 levels will start to feel very limited and then we'll be waiting around for another super patch with a level included (think Jabba).


Anyway, for fun I've tried to list some of the new maps that will be included in BF2.


1.) Death Star*

2.) Endor (Space)*

3.) Corusant (Space)

4.) Utapau

5.) Mustafar

6.) Tantive IV

7.) Cato Nemoida?

8.) Meegeto?

9.) Alderann?

10.) Try and guess!!!

11.) Try and guess!!!

12.) Hoth again?!!?


*could actually be one map together



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Dagoban Eagle, I'm in agreement.


After all, apparently, Star Wars has a ton of EU, but hardly any of it is used in Battlefront, what a waste!


Anyway, what about something deep for fans of Star Wars, I mean, BFront 2 isn't going to convince people who are going to buy Battlefield 3 anyway, so cater to the fans more strongly!


http://www.starwars.com/databank/location/ check out the wide ranges of planets that are available, with some suitable backstory in a DECENT STORY MODE, they'd actually fit in. After all, how many people know that Rhen Var was a temperate planet that was moved too far from it's star (hence the "Docks" level with ice)? The Rebuplic had to evacuate the planet! Now, imagine doing that as a level where you'd have to transfer civilian bots and protect them from the CIS.


It ain't happening, that's too cool.

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Wow. The explosians look better and the rebel soldier might actually look like its supposed too (the rebel soldier in BF1 is unrealistic because they only wear the camo in wooded planets. They should actually look like the guys in A New Hope).


Anyway. Wouldn't it be sweet if they had underwater craft and boats too? Like the speeders would be allowed on water (cause they do in the books) an they would have special water speeders and u-boats. There would also be a underwater diver unit. The imperials and clones actually have that kind of unit. The mon calamari map would have this kind of stuff wouldn't it?

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Originally posted by Dagobahn Eagle

I don't see why every game needs its own unique engine. Galactic Conquest uses BF 1942's engine and rules.


It's a mod. Different story ;)


But people forget that you can always improve on an already existing engine. Look at Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Who here can tell that's its actually the Unreal engine without actually knowing it?


EDIT: I forgot to mention Call of Duty which greatly improved the Q3 engine.

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