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New Model pack from NeoMarz


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I hope Luminara has facial animation then she would go good with the barris model


I hope you won't mind if I reskin the face to look like the movie character


and I'm looking for good sounds to add for this one!!!



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:angel: 3 MODELS RELEASED TODAY!!! :angel:


I have Luminara, Asajj, and Vosa on release. I couldnt wait for Beta Tests to come back, so hopefully everthing goes well. They seemed to play well, during my own test. More models to come.

Like... Aurra Sing, Zam Wessel, and Adi Gallia. Hope you all like these. Mars out


first model



second model



third model


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:angel: :angel: Where has Mars been? :angel: :angel:


Well Ive been struggling to refine my female base model for the next Fem pack. So far its coming together well. I basically have made it a more lean figure, with better mapping. Here is a list of what I'm working on.


Serra Keto revised

Barris Offee

Adi Gallia


I think you all will be pleased, no decent screens to show, but maybe something in a few days.



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Originally posted by Zappa_0

Sounds cool Mars, think you can add Sly Moore into the mix?


Hmmmm, have to see about that.

:angel: update :angel:

weighting is just about done... first model has imported to game, but I am going to take my time on getting the weighting better. screens soon... I'm now getting reference pics for Barriss Offee. Mars out

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