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If the KOTOR girls were real, who would you ask out?

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Atris is hot! Pissed off at you for ditching her and the Jedi. Ditching her? Come to think about it, why didn't they give a little background to the relationship?


HEEEEY! Not a bad idea, and what was she to the EXILE, Master or Girlfriend?:D


Walking on Taris or Telos, watching Carth get his ass kicked by a white hair Jedi Cutie... Thats the ticket!! As I walk by, Atris and I make contact, and its perfection at first punch!

HHHhhmmmm, in my imagination Carth and Atris get together:D

(but Revan kicks her ass to start respecting everyone on the ship)

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1. bastila cuz she's hot and the accent


2. the handmaiden cuz she trains in her underware and has no problem walking around like that


3. mira cuz of her kik ass aditude and she's hot.



but if I were to pick one it would be the handmaiden



after reading this thread I have to say I was ROTFL at some of the posts


and whats up with people and carth I wanted to kill him very very very slowly about half way through taris

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