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i'm sure everyone is fed up with them now, but there is a pretty good in depth review of the PSP at ars technica. Fairly balanced look at pros and cons, games and PSP vs DS.




The DS does what it does amazingly well. I love the touch screen, the backwards compatibility, and the price. For $150 it handles my handheld needs very nicely for gaming, and with the GBA library backing it up and falling in price by the day it's an incredible value. The system can take a beating and the screen is always protected.


The PSP is of course far higher on the tech tree, and the price point reflects that. The hardware itself is a full $100 higher than the DS, and that's without a memory stick or game. It's clearly a much more "big boy" toy, and it shows. The screen is larger and brighter, not to mention much more exposed. It's not as easy to use and requires a computer for the MP3 and video features. There's clearly an age line that cuts between the two, and the PSP offers a lot more for the older gamer who wants something a lot more immersive and varied in their handheld system.


Seems to me you aren't looking hard enough.


Cool, point me at some homebrew DS utilities! I'm ready! Hit me! :eek:

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