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Possible Expansion Pack

Darth Andrew

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Well, I personally REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPE SO. It would be a shame if they didn't because the Republic and Confederacy are so interesting and vital to the SW storyline. It also adds variety, greater online community, more in-depth story etc to the whole game experience. I should also point out that the Republic is far, far cooler than the Empire or Rebellion.


Dragonball - are you serious? Why would LA not add two fleshed-out, pivotal, unique sides, and yet include two very minor 100% EU dies. Are you sure you're not Viceroy in disguise?

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I'd like it, no I'd love to see the CIS and the Republic added to the game, but I don't really think it will happen. If LA is really determined to make it just Empire and Rebel, then... they probably will keep it that way... And no I don't think they'd do an expansion pack for the EU.... and Thrawn was part of the Empire, since all we see are the ships, what difference would it make to the game...

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WIndu oh great Smeghead even I think adding the Ssi-Ruuk and co in is a mistake if they haven't added in the CiS and the Republic, I may be a Truist but I'd rather see the Movie civs in first.


Besides I'm sure a few people around here know quite well, I love the Confederacy as a civ :D

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But the Republic and Feds would get OWNED by the Empire and Rebellion. I mean, in the 30 years from the end of the Republic to the height of the Empire, space battleships changed drastically. The Empire made ships that were twice the size, twice the armament, and twice the defenses as the old ones. Now, the Rebellion HAD to compete some way, so it did the same. Even The Rebellion would be able to kill the Old Republic and feds in space battle easily.


So, if you're going for movie realism, putting the OR and the Feds in is a bad idea.

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Could a WW I army defeat a WW II army? Fat chance. The Fokkers would get eaten by P-51 fighters and Spitfires. The earliest attempts at tanks would get run over by T-34s, Tigers, and Shermans. And so on.


Likewise, an army from 30 years before the second Death Star would get wiped out easily. Jedi starfighters would have been incinerated by A-Wings (and don't give me any RS nonsense about them being the best fighters in the galaxy - if they were, they wouldn't stop using them), droid control ships would be out-ranged, out-gunned, and slaughtered by Star Destroyers, and so on.


Technology changes very rapidly. Take hyper drives for fighters: In the Clone Wars, hyper drives couldn't be installed in starfighters so they had to use those weird-looking, cumbersome hyperspace rings. However, only a few years later tiny fighters like the A-Wings had their own hyper drives.


A Confederacy fleet wouldn't stand a chance against an Alliance or Imperial fleet.

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Actually technology looks better in the PT. Besides the Death Star really nothing from OT is any better than anything from PT. Again people if the whole game was ment to be accurate the Rebels would win every time.


That was the old version of the Jedi Starfighter the new ones are alot more advanced and if a Jedi was the pilot they could out gun a A-wing rebel pilot anyday. Thats why they are the best because they have a Jedi at the controls.


Rebels still could not take on the Republic or the Confederacy with a head to head ground assult. Plus the Republic would still have the Jedi at there side which is why the Republic fell in the first place because the Jedi were wiped out.


I still don't think they will be adding them in though. Windu just sit back and wait for Republic at War :cool:

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Dragonball/Eagle - Yes, but that example is of when flight was only beginning to be used militarily. On the flip side, could an F-14 take on any other fighter in the world? Yes (apart from the F/A-22) and yet they were in service in 1975! Realistically, there are very little technological differences in so short a timespan.


Also, it was 30 years between TPM and ANH, not between RotS and ANH, so the Clone Wars start roughly 20 years before ANH. In terms of fighters, regardless of whether the technology is there or not, simply having Jedi pilots would give you the best in the galaxy. In addition, with technology, if the OT is so much more advanced than the PT, why does the Rebellion use Correlian Corvette's that were in use during the events of RotS?


There is no good reason for the PT not to be included. In terms of technology, there is no difference in weapons, armour etc - indeed, Clone Troopers look and act far more competent and precise than either Rebels or Stormtroopers, which would mean the Republic has the best infantry.

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The Rebellion's a bunch of poor mofos, that's why.


Also, look at the difference between official stats for PT starships and OT starships. Huge difference.


here's the difference between the seemingly good Acclamator (the main Old Republic starship from the Clone Wars) and the Imperial Star Destroyer MkI



Name/Type: Acclamator-class trans-galactic military transport ship

Designer/Manufacturer:Rothana Heavy Engineering

Combat Role: Military Transport

Crew: 600

Length: 752 meters

Speed: 60 MGLT, 950 Kph

Hyperdrive: x0,6

Shield Rating: 1860 SBD (est.)

Hull Rating: 1043 RU (est.)

Weapons: 12 Quad Turbolaser Turrets, 24 Laser Cannons, 4 Strategic Missile/Torpedo Tubes.

Fighter Complement: None.

Troops: 48 AT-TEs, 36 SPHAs, 320 speeder bikes, and 16,000 troopers.

Support Craft: 80 LAAT gunships.






Name/Type: Imperator Mk I-class Star Destroyer

Designer/Manufacturer: Lira Wessex / Kuat Drive Yards

Combat Role: Heavy Cruiser

Crew: 26,810 + 275 Gunners

Length: 1605 meters

Speed: 60 MGLT

Hyperdrive: x2

Shield Rating: 4800 SBD

Hull Rating: 2272 RU

Weapons: 60 Taim & Bak XX-9 Heavy Turbolasers (class 5), 60 Borstel NK-7 Ion Cannons (class 3), 10 Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors (class 6).

Fighter Complement: 6 Squadrons.

Troops: 9,700 Stormtroopers, 20 AT-ATs , 30 AT-STs, 1 Pre-fabricated Garrison Base.

Support Craft: 12 Landing Barges, 8 Lambda-class Shuttles, 15 Stormtrooper Transports, 5 Star Wing Assault Gunboats, variable number of Skipray Blastboats, Gamma-class Assault Shuttles, deep space probes, probe droids and repair and recovery vehicles.





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why not a whole new clone wars campaign with no alliance or empire units??? that would be pretty cool for an expansion.


still, as stated earlier, isn't a bit early to be discussing an expansion??


@Windu- be very careful with your comparisons between real-world military tech and star wars tech. F-14's have changed a decent amount over the last 30 years (they're currently in the F-14D, which means better engines and better electronics). also, don't forget that the F-14's are being complete phased out of service so that by 2007, they'll be complete replaced by the F/A-18D/E Super Hornets.


further comparisons with technology refinement can be seen in other aircraft such as the vurnerable F-16, which is, i think, the F-16E/F version. The E/F versions are remarkably different from the orignal F-16A versions.

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Yeah, don't forget the big globes sitting on top of the bridge tower too (shield generators, not sensor globes).

They are radars or sensors or both and comm devices.


First of all, don't even think about including "Rogue Squadron" anywhere in your argument. It ranks among the most inaccurate sci-fi games in the world, and the team's known for having a very strong researchophobia.


Second, those A-Wings destroyed them because the shield was down. Every ship that could do so was firing at the Executor, causing shield failures all over the ship. This allowed the two A-Wings to destroy one of the domes as an officer shouted that the shields were down.


Then there's the Star Destroyer blowing up in ROTJ with both domes still intact (I just re-watched the battle, look in the background when Ackbar orders the fleet to "concentrate all fire on that super star destroyer"). If those easy-to-destroy domes were shield generators, they'd be destroyed first.


Also, look at the fact that for every source stating them as shield gens there are two stating that they're radars/sensors (especially seeing that inaccurate, but neat video games like X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Rogue Squadron II and III don't count).


And if they are shield generators, how come they resemble real-life radars so much Linkie?


Last of all, tell me: Since shield generators are so crucial, then why on Earth would they be put on the outside of the hull like that, where they could be easily destroyed?


Besides the Death Star really nothing from OT is any better than anything from PT.

Only A-Wings, B-Wings, TIE Defenders, Star Destroyers, and just about every other vehicle and piece of equipment in the movie trilogy:D.

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Originally posted by Dagobahn Eagle

Last of all, tell me: Since shield generators are so crucial, then why on Earth would they be put on the outside of the hull like that, where they could be easily destroyed?


Why would the Empire use inferior, unshielded, weakly-armoured TIE fighters against superior X-Wings, Y-Wings, A-Wings, and B-Wings? Why would the Empire use lumbering walkers that can be easily tripped up/smashed to bits by Teddy bears with logs and stones? Why would the Empire equip their best soldiers (who were easily overwhelmed and beaten by said Teddy bears) with easy-to-notice white armour that doesn't even protect them against rocks and sticks, not to mention blasters?

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