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How to become a Jedi

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All right, here's a idea I came up with about this thread:


Whoever wants to take part in this, and disucss this, should make theories about this, study this and gather evidence about this. Maybe when we all show our discoveries, theories and evidence we could confirm wheter can everyone become a Jedi.


What do you say?


They're here.

This is what you did when you double posted.


Why is my post a spam?:confused:

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Originally posted by Vladimir-Vlada

I am sorry piece of metal, but you sound like a pesimist.


I did that on purpose...I hope.

Anyway, i wanna be a part of this stuff!

I tried your telekinesis link, printed out all eleven pages about it and read all of it.

I'm still trying to make the needle-match-thingy move. :D


...*reads everything again*

Hmm...Can take 6 weeks to 6 months of training...

Gotta get going!

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Sorry for not posting a day or two, I was at my grandmother's.


Anyway, to make things easier for everyone here's my theory:




Empathy is the ability that all people have and it is most commonly expresed (ex. When your friend lost a job, he/she is sad, because he/she cannot feed his/her children, and then you start feeling sad because you understand him/her and you wish to help him/her) which can be only explained through phsycology, and the way I understood the things that were mentioned in the texts it seems like that the three most important things that make emapthy are: COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING and LISTENING.








Telekenesis is the ability to move objects with the power of you minds. This ablitiy in praticular can be explained thruogh Biology, Physics and Physics. Because from the texts I have read, it seems like that telekenesis happens because of the Brainwaves in the mind which are Bio-electrical and emit a electro-magnetic field (LINKS: Biology


Phsycology )

So as far as I can see this isn't such a dumb thing afterall (after reading these texts). So the only thing remains: How to control and improve the electromagnetic waves in your brain (since electro-magnetism is like gravity: exists everywhere between everything), this thing should be ONLY valued if my previous TELEKENESIS link doesn't work.


Hmm...Can take 6 weeks to 6 months of training...

I think that six weeks are taken to learn how to focus on other objects (SINGULAR only!) and movve them. And six months for the entire brain electro-magnetic field.

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I found a book in my basement about psi-abilities and such.

Reading it now...

o something i forgot: having to do with if the force is real and stuff: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.

...but since blasters don't exist, i bet telekinetic electro magnetic energy wave stuff can beat that! :xp:

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I agree Nukes are very lame... unless we start talking Sci-Fi Capital Ship Combat. :D

Originally posted by lukeiamyourdad

But anyway, Tommygun>everything

I'll have to disagree... though the .45 Thompson is cool...


5.56mm/7.62mm Mini-Gun > Everything! ;)


"Time to let ol' Painless out of the bag!" - Predator I




[Jolee Bindo] What was this thread about again? [/Jolee Bindo]



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Originally posted by RedHawke

5.56mm/7.62mm Mini-Gun > Everything! ;)


"Time to let ol' Painless out of the bag!" - Predator I


I remember reading an article about it that said that the mini-gun could not be portable like that and after a few rounds the user would find himself trown back or killed by the recoil :)

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People, we were disucssing our hidden abilities, but OK:D , anyway it's true that electro magnetic brain wave is powerful (the web pages I supplied might do the trick to start controling your electro magnetic brain energy field), but Kalashnikov RULES!:D


And read this paragraph carefully... About the Lightsaber...


Yeah but it ain't as cool without a lightsaber...

I feel naked without mine :-P


*Vlada turns his head lef and right to see if anyone is listening *


I know a web page where there are instructions on how to build a Lightsaber! (SERIOUSLY!) Does anyone want me to post the web page?:D





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OK post the website, the best thing about being a Jedi is the lightsaber isn't it. About the thing being dangerous, well don't look into the saber.


BTW it is possible to make a blaster, it just requires a battery so large you can't carry it.

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I personally find that i can find all you need to know about someone by watching their face, mostly their eyes. If their eyes dart around all the time they are usually a nervous of tired person etc.


It is pretty easy and when you keep constant eye contact with people without blinking they will get slightly nervous and reveal their true character....


.....Or I just read a bit too much of a certain series of fantasy called the Dragonlance Books:D . (Read about the character Reistlin and you'll understand)

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Originally posted by The Hidden One

I think I kinda have what Vlad has. But not that big of a power. if theres any

I think it's called deja vu where you see or hear something and feel you've already heard it or seen it. It's kinda wierd and I always stop and think "This can't be happening!"



i have this too.... O_o

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Originally posted by Piece of metal

Or infinite power energy cell thingys :)


I know there's something about things called fuel cells, but I don't know what and how heavy they are. I DO know they cost about a million each. But personally I'd go for a disruptor, if you read the discription on KOTOR, they sound much more funny.

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