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Do you play with your toys?


Do you play with your Star Wars toys?  

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  1. 1. Do you play with your Star Wars toys?

    • Yep! And I love them!
    • Nope, I just like collecting them.
    • I don't buy Star Wars stuff.

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Hello again! I just thought I'd start a new post where people can talk about all their Star Wars action figures. I personally play with my Star Wars toys, just because they seem to be made in a way that are just sooooo much fun to play with. The only figure I don't think I will ever play with is the Targe Exclusive Vader. How about everyone else?

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I used to play with mine. I have the Millenium Falcon ship and I would always make it crash and stuff. Now I just set up the figures on a Tatooine like scene with Stromtroppers, Jawas, Tusken Raider, etc.


Then I do a little predicting game like "What if Darth Vader just walked into the ship right now?"

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Play with them? I'm 39 years old, of course I don't play with them. What would happen if one of them got dirty. :rolleyes:


I do let my son play with some of my SW legos. Of course I have had to rebuild a few of them because of this also.

Mine usually just hang on the wall or on a shelf.

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I used to play with them up and through the EU line, well at least with kyle, lol, i gave him a bowcaster and an imperial rifle...and he killed enough tuskens and Grans for everyone.


Now if i even open them i display them inscenes liek jabbas palace, or my biggest scene a clone wars scene (ep 2 clones). But i dont play with them anymore.

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I was gonna, and still might, get a few lighters nicer than those cheapo Bic things that cost 2 for a $1 or whatever. I'd actually like to have one with the four leaf clover on it ala Last Crusade. I know I saw one for sale somewhere for $10. Shoulda gotten it :mad: I'll keep a Fett one in mind and have an eye out for that Indy one should I ever see it again.

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