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Countdown to Madden Next Gen (pic)

Monkey Mania

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They will be showing a commercial of the NextGen Madden during the ESPN's draft coverage on Saturday.


"The ad, which will run only one time during the broadcast, is a 60-second preview of the photo-realistic graphics and heart-pounding football intensity that is the essence of Madden NFL football -- an experience that will come to life like never before on the next generation of video game consoles."


Check it out here.


2nd of 5 screenshots:



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Originally posted by the_raven_03

I agree. It would be nice if they sold zero copies of all of their next gen games.


it would also be nice if fairies and leprachauns ruled the world, and you rode to school on a unicorn...


EA has some titles, such as Madden, NBA Live, Tiger Woods Golf and FIFA Soccer for example that will sell zillions with each installment... This isnt even counting their other huge titles.


EA haters can cry all they like, but unless they do something remarkably silly, they are just gonna keep haulin that $$$ to the bank :)



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Still gonna be one mighty fine football game, monopoly or not

yeah, but i can bet money that if EA didn't buy out the ESPN, Sega would have been the better game. it was in 04-05. Madden is just relying on past ideas and improving here and there. Without really makeing any real improvements. With competition out of the way, they can make the same exact game and tweak it a bit and people will buy it without a second thought.

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