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New SWBF2 info launches April 21st

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I don't believe that one second. Surely they must mean "Best-selling in a certain time-span", as in" No other SW game sold more copies in the first six months of release" or something.


I refuse to believe that fewer copies of TIE Fighter or Dark Forces II have been sold than Battlefront copies. Don't even think about it.


I really believe it was the best selling game of all time.

Now, that is definetly wrong.

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I meant to say that it is probably the best selling STAR WARS game of all time. Think about it for one second: Did Tie Fighter, Xwing or Dark Forces II rest come out WORLDWIDE and on THREE PLATFORMS all in a span of a week? I don't think so and that's why Battlefront IS probably the best selling Star Wars game. And if you want to argue about it more and find the definitive sales statistics buy a subscription to this site:




What is it? It's for people that want to know the answers to questions like the one below...


"Video Game Sales Charts

I am for an online database containing the sales histories of video games, or a chart that's updated weekly. Is there a site that has this information?


-Troy Harkin



The Editors of Gamasutra respond:

One of the leading sources of videogame sales data is NPD Funworld. NPD relies on sales data from large retailers to calculate how well games are selling. Some of the information on NPD's site is free, but most of it is market research which companies must purchase. NPD is probably the most widely-cited source of videogame sales data in the USA. "



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