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Any Anime Fans out there


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since this is an every thing and any thing forum I was woundering how many anime fans there are here an what seires they like ok here goes mine




Yu Yu Hakusho (don't know if I spelled it right)


Rouroni Kenshin


Tri gun


cowboy bebop


and inuysha (don't know if I spelled it right)


and if you don't like anime and just want to compain don't post here

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I like Masamune Shirow's works...

> Dominion: Tank Police (Gotta love the Puma sisters) :naughty:

> Ghost In The Shell

> Appleseed

> Black Magic M-66


The others I like;

> Record of Lodoss Wars (Awesome AD&D Style Fantasy Anime)


> Bubblegum Crisis Series (Gotta Love Women In Power Armor)


> All The Macross/RoboTech Series and Movies (And the Original Unaltered Works that made up RoboTech like Genesis Climber Mospeda)


> Mobile Suit Gundam (Up to and including the F-91 and 0083 Series, I have not seen the G. Seed and G. Wing Series yet...)


> City Hunter (Older Series very cool)


> Cowboy Bebop (I love Spike's Fighter... and then there is Fey Valantine) :naughty:


> MADDOX-01 (A practical and sweet-looking Power Armor that runs on Diesel fuel...)


> The Guyver (I love the whole Bio-Armour theme)


> Trigun ($$60,000,000,000 Please!)


> Armor Hunter Mellowlink (Older Post Apocalyptic Setting Series)


There are some others, I'll add them as I remember them... :D




> The Dirty Pair (Kei and Yuri, wear very little, blow up planets, nuff said!) :naughty:


> Ninja Scroll


> Akira (How could I forget that one... I didn't like it at first but it grew on me.)


> SolBianca


> Patlabor (Like Hill Street Blues with giant robots.)

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Well since I'm a cartoon junky... and considering the fact that the alternative is "reality TV" (please.. :rolleyes: ) I'd have to say there's a few anime series I like (when I'm actually able to watch TV).


Trust me, working in the TV business leaves a sour taste in your mouth when it comes to actually watching the darn thing... ;)


1) Inuyasha


2) Cowboy Beebop


3) Ghost in the Shell


4) .HACK


5) Full Metal Alchemist


These of course are the Cartoon Network (readily available) shows.. though series like Akira & Vampire HunterD are some favs as well...


Like RH, I'll add more as my "memory" allows hehehe..

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dude I forgot some


Mobile Suit Gundam (all except the last one) Remember thanks to RH


full metal Alchemist remembered thanks to



.Hack intrested me but was alway on to late for me to watch


more to come I'm sure

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I'm not an anime fan, exactly. I love the stuff on Adult Swim, though. Cowboy Bebop is cool. As is, Inyuasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Trigun, ext. I just wish they would quit messing with the schedule. My favourite show is "Case Closed" aka"Detective Conan." I'm really sad they took that off. It was becoming a tradition to watch it at my best friends house. Now we got that stupid Tom Goes to the Mayor crap. Oh, well.


Edit: Hey, RedHawke. Did you happen to see the Jackie Chan movie "City Hunter"? I never saw the show, but the movie was great.

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Like ChainZ.2da I am an animation afficionado too and between reality tv and geeky anime... there's no choice really.





Space Adventure Cobra


Noir (badass!)

Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex

Haibane Renmei


Record of Lodoss War (the one in 13 parts NOT the one in 26)

Cowboy Bebop

Original Dirty Pair (NOT Dirty Pair Flash)

Witch Hunter Robin





Vampire Hunter D

Blood: The Last Vampire

Wicked City

Ninja Scroll

Ghost in the Shell (both the original and #2 - Innocence)

Appleseed (both, but the new one which is cgi and looks "cartooned" has a deeper story)

Spirited Away




never liked Akira, sorry.



So, yeah I'm a nerd...

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Originally posted by Lion54

My favourite show is "Case Closed" aka"Detective Conan." I'm really sad they took that off.

I loved that show. :( I was sad when they took it off too. But I hear there was 300+ episodes anyways. :nut:



Gundam SEED

Gundam SEED Destiny



Cowboy Bebop

Detective Conan

Xenosaga: The Animation

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Cowboy Bebop is my favorite serie. I can't get enough of Faye Valentine:naughty:


In terms of movies, I absolutely loved Princess Momonoke, Spirited Away, Ghost in the Shell, Akira and many more.


Evangelion is also a great serie. I wonder why nobody mentionned it. Perhaps it's because the ending left everyone wondering if they've been smoking something...


I like the Gundam series but frankly, they're way too long. Sometimes, they can pull it off but most of the time, I just feel that they're trying to do too much or trying to tell a story they can't finish. If they spent less time with those stupid flashback episodes, maybe their series would be more complete.


Frankly, Gundam Seed is not that great(haven't seen Destiny yet). I sincerely wish they decide to make a Gundam where everyone kills everyone without crying...


.HACK is a serie I dispise. Ok, I haven't seen it 'til the end but that's because it bored me and was frankly annoying. The one who made teh music for this serie has no clue about what he's doing. The music doesn't flow nicely with the action, it's often jarring how when somebody is "sad", there's an upbeat theme...and yet, another serie dealing with teen angst...oy...no one can pull it off like Evangelion, so don't bother...


Inuyasha, I like it. Finally, teens are acting like people instead of always be wondering what is going on and going home to cry. Though, it's kind of annoying how it looks like Sailor Moon sometimes...or perhaps that's just me.


DB/Z/GT are often overrated. I just feel like the story is not deep enough or something. The main warriors grew too powerful so they left out cool characters near the end of the story. When you think about it, Piccolo felt so useless he had to commit suicide. Well, no, but they probably removed him because he became too weak or something.


Detective Conan was a funnily weird serie that was huge in Vietnam when I was there. I must say, it's a fun serie.


Witch Hunter Robin ended too soon I think. For some reason the serie seems incomplete. At the beginning, they seemed like they were doing like Cowboy Bebop(many adventures not linked together) but closer to the end, it was following a huge story arc until the end. Is it good? Not really since the story ends with a feeling like something was missing.

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Originally posted by Lion54

Edit: Hey, RedHawke. Did you happen to see the Jackie Chan movie "City Hunter"? I never saw the show, but the movie was great.

Nope, one of the few Jackie Chan films I have not seen. :(


It is on my to watch list though... :D

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