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Two Tv Shows For The Price Of One

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"Lucas confirmed that they are working on two TV series. One will be a half hour 3-D computer animated series and the other is a live action series. The live action series will star some of the characters featured in the movies, though not the main characters. Lucas will kick-off the series himself. They are planning on writing the entire first season and then shooting Season One all at once. He mentioned Lucasfilm is aiming for a production start in about a year."


YEEESSSSSS!!!!!!! i can't believe it!!!!! i know that there was going to be a tv series, but i was kinda slow to enthusiam cuz it was live action. just wasn't sure if star wars could translate into a live action show. but now a 3-D animated series. WOOHOOO. all they need to say now is that they got the people who did the clone wars series to work on it in some way and i'd be grinning forever.


oh and characters featured in the movies but not the main characters, hmmm could dash be considered featured in the movie? and if not, a fett or jedi show would be sweet.

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eastcoast, why did you bother linkying if you went ahead and cut n pasted the guts of the article anyway :p


yes, this is all excellent news, but it is *NOT* EU. In fact, being a Lucasfilm production which George Lucas is helping to create, it is the exact opposite of EU :p


no biggie...


There is already a cool thread at swforums about this ..... :p






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Well, that remains to be seen... Lucas has had a hand in some major parts of the EU, yet they are still "EU."


Anyway, we have the Holocron now to distinguish the levels of SW canon.


Just saying. ;)

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