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Possible EU Novels

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Ok, with Lucas finally filling the big gap for us all with EP3. We have room for ALOT of new EU to naturally, expand. List possible ideas of novels you would like to see. Call this a What-If Thread :p


My List


Story of Sidious/Palpatine-How did he come to be who he is..i want more.


Vader's new position-we got an 18 year(right??) gap between ROTS and ANH..so lets see what anakin/vader spent all this time doin..go off some jedi stuff, i would like to see how he hunted down some of these jedi.


Obi-wan post-battle/ROTS- Ok..so little kiddy book has been written already for it, im thinkin more Novel thick book form for us adults.


Yoda Novel- Ok..we got a fricken 900 year old jedi, lets see some history on him. I just finished Yoda: Dark Rendevous and it gave some small stuff here and there that would really have some great story lines i think


Thats all i got for now, so lets hear your ideas.

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Yeah, I think alot of what you have indicated Jo will eventually get filled :)


The post ROTS novel is now called "Dark Lord : The Rise of Darth Vader"


as mentioned elsewhere, there is already a "Rise of Darth Bane" book in the works, and a rise of palpatine book im sure is an inevitability.


my what ifs :


*yes, yoda, especially his very early days/training


*a mara jade erotic tale :D


*a new concept set much into the future beyond the current njo generation... the galaxy has just been through two huge conflicts in the space of 50 years. I would like to read about a jedi civil war, and not necessarily dark vs light :)



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