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If you chose Revan to be LS when talking with Atton on Peragus then when you board the Harbinger, go to the breifing room with the desk and click on the computer there and listen to the log where the captain of the Harbinger barks out orders to various subordinates and the HK-50 droid and then one of the recordings will be a transmission to Admiral Carth. He tells him there to keep the exile on board and bring him to Telos.


Then when you escape to the surface of Telos, Carth arrives on the Sojourn to hear from Lieutenant Gren that the exile has escaped his "house arrest" on the Citadel station but Carth just tells him not to worry about it because the Republic has adopted a "wait and see" approach concerning the exile.


Then when youre about to go to Malachor V, Carth confronts you I think in the med center to talk about your travels and weither you confronted or came across Revan or not. Your character either does not remember or actually didnt see Revan. Then he/she departs for Malachor V and Bastila shows up in the room with Carth and they talk about Revan and how he wanted Carth to stay behind and continue Revan's work to save the Republic for him



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