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Alright, i made this up off the top of my head, well, got ideas form multiple places but yeah, here how it goes:


it is set in medival times, the world of Niktoal is a world of peacefulness, yet in some places, debauchery and evilness. ther races are:


Human - Noble and most Numerous.

Orcs - Bloodthirsty brutes, yet also intelligent strategists.

Trolls - Assassin-like and few are left in the world.

Elves - Trusthwrothy and enchanting(their average lifespan is not like 1000 years, its only maybe about 100).

Epsons - almost animal like, they are very rare and are usually used as guards, if you can control them.


Note: the weapons suggested are not the only ones that can be used


Elves never use heavy weapons, the heaviest they use would be a sword, they usually use daggars, small swords and bow and arrows, lightly armoured.


Humans favour the sword and shield approach to weaponry, heavily armoured.


Orcs are all for axes and war hammers, usually very armoured.


Trolls use throwing axes, small axes and spears alot, usually wear hardly any armour.


Epsons usually use staves and hammers, wear some armour.


Everyone knows the description for the races except Epsons


Epsons are at aveagre 8 feet in height and very muscly, when they are running they get down on all fours and can reach speeds up to 40 mph, they are covered in a light green fur, which is kept short.


here are the Profiles:





Height(optional) :

Weight(optional) :






Normal rules, you know the drill.


after a few people join I'LL start it.




Name: Rik'Tal

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight: 196 lbs

Weaponry: two Tomahawks(http://www.lewis.army.mil/123in/images/Crossed_Tomahawks.JPG), Daggar(http://www.visualart.ro/test/data/media/28/Dagger.jpg)

Armour/Clothing: Chest Strap, Shin Guards, Long Loin Cloth

Appearance: Lanky but very toned and muscular. Has green eyes and very dark red skin, huge gash-scar on his chest and a small scar on his cheek

Bio: Grew up within a Troll tribe, one of the only left, his father taught him how to hunt and fight like a true troll, and when his father was killed by a group of Elves, he swore he'd seek revenge, him and his two brothers, one attempt at vengeance, resulted in his brothers being killed and him being scared.

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((My reccomendation is to make the Elves live about 500 years and the humans about 100))



Name: Meliana

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft

Weight: 115 pounds

Weaponry: bow and arrows, two long knives.

Armour/Clothing: Like most Elves, Meliana wears almost no armor. Her armor is made of a leathery cloth, light and tough. She mainly trusts her speed to keep her safe.

Appearance: brown hair with streaks of gray hangs to her chin, bright green eyes, a small scar on her right cheek

Bio: Meliana is still young compared to many Elves, but she learned to defend herself quickly. She hunts for food with her brothers rather than remaining home to care for her people with her mother.



((Meliana's eldest brother might have been one of the Elves responsible for Rik'Tal's father's death, but since you're the threadmaster, you can decide, Curt.))

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(Yes my return to RP's)


Name: Zoric

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Weaponry: Two daggers, Large axe, Bow with magical arrows.

Armour/Clothing: Light assasian clothes.

Appearance: Black messy hair, brown eyes. He also has a small scar on the left side of his face.

Bio: Zoric is a human. But he is an assasian. He hunts other humans, orcs and trolls for money.

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(welcome back, now we start)


Rik'Tal walked out of his tent, he heard something in the bsuhes, he drew both of his tomohawks and crept silently to them then whipped around to a new direction. he saw the creature poke his head out, with that Rik threw one tomohawk and sliced its head clean off. he walked over to the body, picked it up and brought it to the fire, where he started skinning it.

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Meliana peered out from between the branches of a tall tree, keeping her eyes on her prey. Her brothers were up in other trees and on the ground, so she'd have to keep her eyes open for them as well. It would do no good for her to kill one of them.


Her eyes were distracted from her prey by a bit of movement down below. A Troll. She shook her head, knowing that she couldn't pay too close attention to him now or she'd loose her prey. She found it again, but no less than a second later, its head had been severed from its body. The Troll. The prey was no longer hers and she'd have to move.


With a sigh of annoyance, she began the climb out of the tree, giving out a single whistle, loud and clear. To her brothers, it meant that she had lost her prey, a thing she rarely had to announce. In fact, her brothers were amazed she still remembered the call. Answering calls came back, congratulating her for her hunt and apologizing for her loss.


She paused while she was still high off the ground, knowing the Troll would have heard the noise she'd made. She wondered what he thought of it. Climbing down still further, she called out to him.


"I commend you on your hunting skills," she said. "You killed cleanly. May I ask if I am allowed to descend? And may I also ask your name?"

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Zoric was on his newest assasination mission. To kill a troll that is supposed to live in the woods. As he walked into a small clearing in the forest and saw smoke rising from the north. He started to walk to towards the fire. He then saw the troll and an elf in the tree. He climbed up the nearest tree and jumped and crept from each tree.


He reached the one next to the elf and stopped and pulled out his bow. He took an arrow from his quiver and aimed. He then heard a russle in the bushes below him. He saw a wolf.


The wolf started to run at the tree where the elf was hanging from. Zoric put his bow on his back and pulled out one of his daggers. He grabbed a branch and swung down and caught the wolf on his dagger. He swung to the tree on the opposite side and looked at the injured wolf. He stabbed one more time and killed it. He cleaned his dagger and jumped down and looked at the elf and troll...

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"not now she-elf, assasin in the woods to my left" with that Rik snuk out of view back into his tent and silently told the others of the intruders on the tribe's grounds. he snuk back out behind the tree where the elf was.

"careful, you're on roll grounds, and my tribe tends not to like elves, we may be nomadic, but we will fight for our ground." Rik said as the rest of the tribe came out of the tents, hopefully to intimidate and make the assassin leave, unless the assassin was good.

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"Trolls do not scare me!" said Zoric as he pulled out his bow and fired at the troll to the far left. As the magic arrow flew it hit the troll squarly between the eyes. It fell to the ground dead. "Now unless you all want to end up like that do not oppose me. Anyway I am not an elf. I am a human. So why would you hurt me?" said Zoric very comfortably.

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((He spoke to me, an Elf.))


"I have no reason to fight," Meliana answered levelly. "Your grounds shall remain your own. I will honor your boundaries."


"You are a nomadic people," she went on. "It is for this reason I did not know I was intruding." She paused. "The Assassin is of no concern to me. I am quick and sure-footed. If you will allow me the privilage of leaving this tree, I will give the call and I and my brothers will be gone."

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"leave, we have matters to attend to hear" and with that Rik gave a call, none of the trolls flinched at one of them dieing, but when they heard the call, they all split off into the forest, and all of a sudden it was quiet, as if no one was there at all, Rik spoke.

"leave assassin, for we are the true assassins, if you do not wish to be killed, leave, now!" Rik said as he moved around so it sounded like he was coming from everywhere. Other trolls started whsipering troll chants, yet not revealing thier location

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Meliana dropped rapidly out of the tree and gave an ear piercing call. Then, she slipped through the trees and vanished from sight. But something would not let her go. She turned back to watch the unfolding tension between the Human assassin and the Troll. She kept herself well hidden and neither the Human nor the Troll were paying enough attention to their surroundings to notice her.

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Rik had slowly made his way behind the assassin, and the other trolls he knew, where also converging on his location, Rik popped up behind him and held his tomohawk to the human's throat.

"our enemies are ones who try to kill us, we try to as peaceful as possible, yet we have morons like you trying to outwit and outstealth a troll, bah impossible, now you have two choices, leave, or die, i suggest you leave, beasts are my only prey these days, not sentient beings."

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((thanks for some char control, it would have been better if you said "i swung around at the troll with my daggar" then it would have been up to me to decide whether i get stabbed, fall to the ground, etc....besides, i had a blade to your neck you'd be dead, i'll let it slide this time.))


Rik tried to dodge the daggar, but the assassin was fast, and it hit his shoudler, Rik took the daggar out and whipped it right back at the assassin. despite the fact he was a human, he was pretty good.

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Originally posted by Curt-Man

((thanks for some char control, it would have been better if you said "i swung around at the troll with my daggar" then it would have been up to me to decide whether i get stabbed, fall to the ground, etc....besides, i had a blade to your neck you'd be dead, i'll let it slide this time.))



((What he said. :¬:))

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((Eh..sorry about that.))


Zoric stopped in one of the trees and jumped down. He ran back to get his dagger. He found in a tree. He ran, jumped and landed near the dagger. He pulled it out of the tree and turned around and ran. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his shoulder ,fell and blackedout.


(A troll hit me in the back with an axe)

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((I think an axe in the back would do a little more than just make you black out...:D ))



Meliana was surprised (and almost a little disappointed) that the fight had been so short. It had not at all been what she'd turned back to see. With a little sigh, she turned and slipped through the trees. Her surprise was immense when she nearly ran into a Troll (not you, Curt and not from your tribe either... you'll probably end up killing him and I don't care).


"Eh?" it said. "What's an Elf girl doing out here?"


"Hunting," Meliana answered. The Troll laughed at this and lunged for her. With a cry of surprise, she stepped back.


"I'm hunting too," the Troll said. "And Elf sounds like pretty good eating to me!"


Meliana's heart raced as she fitted an arrow to the string of her bow. But the Troll was too close and snapped the arrow before brushing the bow aside and catching Meliana by her neck.


Though he began to tighten his grip, Meliana managed to release a strangled cry of pain, not loud enough to be heard by her brothers, but close enough and loud enough for the other Troll (you, Curt) to hear.

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