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General Grievous


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cos these are cleaned up quite abit


sorry I didn't add all the different names so that would have to be changed to your liking for now

-usually I like doing that but it's been totally crazy on my end

wish i had the model to test them on first

p is for pain ->there are different pain sounds that can be used

j is for jump ->j1 is the jump and j2 is the land

chock->there are 2 different choke sounds for you chock1 and chok2I like the secound one better but you can decide


these have different names cos I have so many different star wars sounds on my PC right now



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real cool model Iam proud of NeoMarz, I also made grevious for my episode 2 and episode 3 modification, here are two screenshots of my model , which is still alpha. shot0470.jpg




the model will be released in the whole modification of the two episodes in a few weeks.

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Originally posted by LightNinja

^^ so this is the 3rd grevious model at the moment

at the least it's 4th.


Originally posted by Zyar

You are mistaken. He has 4 fingers and 2 thumbs. A total of 6 fingers on one hand.

lol. he was obviously talking about the total count.

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