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Sith or Republic?


Choose your side!  

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  1. 1. Choose your side!

    • Sith
    • Republic
    • None: I'm with Jolee!

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Y3s, this is another poll, by the glamourious not to mention beautiful Darth_Krow! ._O anyways This poll is to see who's on who's side, choose Sith if you follow the dark side choose Republic, if you follow the light side, and remember all chooses have consequences!


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I demand a fix in the poll :D, the Republic is definetly not all full of pure and holy people, I think what you are looking for is Sith or Jedi, as for me I'm not voting because I'm going with my main man Jolee on this one and sticking to nuetral, extreme either way leads to definite doom.

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"I am gray... I stand between the darkness and the light."


"Open your mind Jedi... look into that forbidden twilight place where the Light and the Dark sides of the Force meet, and you will see me looking back at you."


I just had to reply in quotes, I couldn't resist! :p

Originally posted by Darth333

Edit: errr...Redhawke didn't post :confused: (but Mav did)

Now I have! :D

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Originally posted by stingerhs

i'm agreeing with Mav & Sabretooth on this one. ;)


edit: fixed it, D333. ;)


Yea well what can I say, except that you can't go wrong with a red saber in one hand and a blue saber in the other...:saberb::saberr:

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