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What do you want on the galactic map?

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What do you think is important to see on the galactic map, and how should it work? Here is my personal opinion:


1. Smash as much data in as possible, but make it in sort of "tiers" of info. By this I mean in the middle of a huge fight you should be able to go from seeing where your fleet is to being able to know how many ships you have, what they are, and their current % health. Should be able to see also fighter squads as possibly a seperate list from capital ships, as well as transports.


Things that should be on there:


1. All planets, inlcuding the ones you control and what each one gives to you. Should tell you what's on the ground, too- including # of defenses, type of defenses (Ion cannons, Defguns, etc.) Also ground units.


2. Your space fleets.


3. Lines and stuff similar to the "War Plan" in EE2 just so you can automate some of your fleet's tasks.


4. A PIP of a piece of the action like EE2 (I think that was pretty neat as you can see 2 things at once.)


I think that's it, but I probably missed stuff and I hope they try to stuff as much content as they can into it, because you can always make it simple, but make it get as detailed as you need to because a commander should be able to get all of that info at his fingertips, so I think we should be able to have it at our fingertips.

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I'm hoping for deep space they'll make a location of strategic importance, just no planet there. Like an asteroid field which serves as a bridge to a specific system or something, or a deep space defense outpost.

I think you may have misunderstood me.


I'm not talking about a system where you move from planetoid to planetoid only, with deep space as "locations" in-between. I mean a 2D co-ordinate system like that of Stars! or, to provide a screen shot, Stars! Supernova Genesis (R. I. P.).


Makes me want to cry that S!SG was cancelled. Stars! was unique and I I was really looking forward to the sequel:( [sniffle].


Ships move so and so fast each turn, with a certain top speed. You decide how fast they go. Planetoids and fleets are on co-ordinates on the plane, and can only interact with each others when they're on the same co-ordinates.


Anyway, that's what I want from a galactic map. Simple, tidy, organized, and easily navigated. The "deep space" thing (not to mention fuel) would be hugely unenjoyable, and thus is not a candidate for an official post-TIE Fighter LA-distributed game:rolleyes:, but it'd be fun if it was in...

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