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Coolest party member


Coolest character?  

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  1. 1. Coolest character?

    • Bastila
    • Canderous
    • Carth
    • HK-47
    • Jolee
    • Juhani
    • Mission
    • T3-M4
    • Zaalbar

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HK by a long shot.


The DS storyline is worth alienating all your goody-two-shoes party members just to hang with HK in TSL. Best dialogue in either game, period. Sure, he's kinda useless without a super beefed-up repeating rifle with all the trimmings, but then TSL is so easy your PC should really be able to slaughter pretty much anything on its own anyway. The other party members in KOTOR 1 & 2 all have their own quirky charm, but (if you've paid attention to my posts) I hate Carth by far the most. His constant whining about trust issues got so aggravating I just sent him to the ship for the rest of the game as soon as I got Mission and Big Z. Big disappointment that I had to have him with me on the Leviathan...

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1. Jolee > all

2. Mission - for her Skills

3. Ordo

3. Carth

4. up tight... err Bastila

5. Hk - his lines were funny, but not that geat a char... plus the droid upgrades for kotor I kinda sucked

6. Juhani - not that great a jedi.. couldnt hold her own in the unknown world... she drped faster then Jolee... =/

7.T3.... not a combat droid, had him open the door n thats it .. would have been better if you could of used him as a work bench like K2

8. Big Z - not that i have anything really agenst him, but his dex is way too low, and the fact he couldnt wear armor... well he got hit... hard..


My streetsmart but sweet, Jedi Mission Vao pwns!


i have that too and she really dose!

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Jolee got my vote. He's so unlike any other Jedi and his constant rambling is hilarious! "I did it all for the Wookies. - The Wookies? - The Wookies!" HK-47 is great too. Oh and so is Carth... and Bastila... and Mission... and Canderous too... Okay so I like 'em all! Except Juhani, hate her gut so much! Everybody should just kill her on Dantooine! }:D

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Again (surprise surprise) I gotta go with Jolee..


Not only did he have a decent storyline.. but his grumpy attitude, quick wit and just the fact he didn't act like the "typical" stuffed shirt Jedi was enough for me to keep him in my Party escapades for alot of the game...


if not Jolee... HK-47 is definitely a very close second because of his nature and the "uniqueness" I thought Bioware brought to the character...



Exactly what he said. :)

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I like all the Party Members, but heres what I think:

Carth: Slightly annoying, but good with guns. 9/10

Mission: Slightly annoying, but good with swords. 8.5/10

Zaalbar: Good at fighting with no weapons. 8.5/10

Bastila: The best Jedi to have in your Party, but also annoying. 9/10

T3-M4: Useful at first, but then when you talk to him, he's boring (Better in KOTOR: TSL). 8/10

Canderous: Good to talk to, however I don't find him as good as Carth. 8.5/10

Juhani: Be great, if it weren't for her annoying accent (What is her accent?) and whining and she's useful in the Levithian. 7.5/10

HK-47: Better at fighting than T3 and quite funny. Annoying he has to say "Statement" or "Query" or "Exclamation". 9.5/10

Jolee: The funniest Jedi of your Party. His background is intresting and he is good with the Force and a Lightsaber. 10/10


PS: Why make a Spin-Off of Mission and HK. If you want a Spin-Off, then either do Mission and Zaalbar one or HK-47 and T3-M4 one.

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Russian I think Juhani's accent is, maybe Finnish. I found her not to be as annoying as some of the other characters could be, and some are really just feh to be honest. Zaalbar is cool because he's a Wookie, but I could live without him. As cool as he is, and as honerable as he's meant to be, Canderous is a world burning genocidal you know what. Carth and Bastila can get on the nerves as well, with the whole untrusting and holier than thou act. Ditto Mission for how you could think you say the right thing and she cracks it. T3 we really don't know anything about. Jolee and HK would be the coolest characters, but my vote goes to Juhani for her sidequest and the female romance option.

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