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Defiance and Independance

Guest Fondas

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Guest Fondas

Since I recently replayed the notorious Battle 6 Mission 6, I thought it would be nice to share with anyone who cares , some "tricks". Note that I said "tricks" not "cheats".


A little background:


We all now the mission. You fly an A-wing in an escort mission. First the Defiance, back to liberty and then the Independence.


Mission Difficulties


1. A-wing is fragile, has minimum shields and low-rate charging lasers.

2. Only a flight of A-wings. Olin is Gold 1 and seems to be invincible but the other two won't make it to the Independence area.

3. Too many enemies , too many bombers, especially in the second area. While you chase the bombers, a swarm of ties are all over you.

4. By the time Defiance hypers to safety, the Independence is taking a severe beating.



The main reason for failing the mission is Independence. As stated above, by the time you reach the arena, it's in bad shape, with getting fried by TIEs close second.


Here is the way I did it with relative ease :


You get the choice to fly either an A or X-wing. Stick with the A-Wing ! It's speed is vital for completing the mission.

For your warhead load, choose the torpedoes. Their blast radius will be invaluable.



<u>Getting the Defiance Group out! </u>


Once the Imperials show up, send your wingmans to intercept the eyeballs and the squints while you concern with the T/B group.

Get behind them, target one of them and send a torpedo up it's tailpipe ! The blast will destroy instantly all of them ! Another group of T/B will then show up. Time to apply an old TIE FIGHTER tactic. Pick one out and start to shoot at it with lasers until it's hull drops 20%. The crippled bomber will then abort it's attack run and return to it's base. Make sure to tell your wingmates to ignore the crippled dupe. Turn and shoot a torpedo to the remaining bombers.


Imperials will not launch another group of T/B's until the wounded one reaches it's command ship. That will buy you enough time to engage the remaining fighters and the Defiance group to bail out.

If the formentioned T/B is destroyed , a group of torpedo loaded gunboats will show up and ...here we go again, so don't !


The second trick is to not wait the Defiance to hyper out ! It can now protect itself. Head straight to the nav buoy, head back to the Liberty area and then to the Independence. Guess what, the assault on the CRS has not even started yet! Not only there will be no T/Bs in sight, the CRS will launch it's B-Wings prematurely !



<u>Escort the Independence to safety</u>


Now this is where the things get tougher , since while you chase the waves of T/Bs, you got waves of T/F's and T/I's pounding you!




Store the Independance in your memory preset and check frequently for it's attackers. That will be the bombers.

Target the first wave and go for it. Blast the away with a torpedo or two and move to the next. By now you should have attracted TIEs attention and they should be all after your head ! wink.gif

That's where you apply the third "trick". Drop all your laser and shield energy to engine. You won't need them. T/Bs will be destroyed by torpedos, while the TIEs cannot reach you because you'll have a top speed of 185 or more ! If you find yourself near them and they start firing at you, just jingle a bit.


Remember that you should always hunt and shoot your torpedoes from behind. That way, none of the T/B will perform an evasive manoeuvre


Eventually, you'll run out of torps and you'll have to rearm onboard the Independence. Switch craft to X-wing and back to A and get a reload of torps. That way you got a brand new craft, fully loaded and shielded. That move may result to permitting some T/B completing their runs, but now the CRS's gunners will have an easier job. Even if CRS's shields do come down, It will make it easily to hyperspace.

In my case , it reached the nav buoy with it's shields at 68%


Following that tactics , you indirectly overcome another difficulty, the one where the Independence would reach the nav but won't hyper out for a couple of minutes more.



That's it ! wink.gif


Fly hard and shoot straight !



"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent"



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The Independance has always been my favorite Mon Cal.



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