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if you could have any power what would it be


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1. Dominate Mind: To convince people to join my army.


2. Force Speed: Dodging bullets and assassination attempts.


3. Energy Resistance: So I can enter a burning building to save the little kids.


4. Force Heal: So I can...uh...heal myself...


5. Battle Meditation: So my army can more easily conquer your country.


Hmmm...lots of contradictions in my personality...

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Old topic, but good food for thought! :)


Inspired by what others wrote:


1) eternal youth

...to keep it up as long as I want to


2) immunity to bodily harm

...to keep alive while staying young


3) shape changing

...to manage long-term complications from staying young (and a plethora of other uses)


4) dominate mind

...to be able to achieve anything important that shape changing and invulnerability would not let me. From earning loads of money to bringing peace.


5) healing others

...because otherwise this would be the one thing I would feel powerless against: the immediate suffering or death of loved ones


To keep it at 5, I had to pass on teleportation/flight which would have been great. Thought-reading would also have been tempting, but probably more awkward than fun. And while violent powers seem to be highly regarded, they would be a pure waste of a slot - in utility, scope of impact and contribution to a happy live.


Come to think of it, a character with the above traits could single-handedly change the course of the entire planet's history.

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