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[TSL]Creating New Custom Itemcreate.2da type files. (some limitations apply)


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Please note the following has only been tested to work with SW:KOTOR 2:TSL.


Some of you may already be familiar with the itemcreate.2da & itemcreatemira.2da files. On a wild fluke I looked at the workbench dialogues and found the 2 scripts that fire the actual itemcreation gui's. When I went through script source low and behold we even have the source code in the bif files to launch these scripts.


Now to the good stuff.


I replaced the first 12 items in the Itemcreate.2da file with the 12 droid armors, and renamed it droiditemcreate.2da.


I then replaced itemcreatemira in the k_workbench_bdm.nss file with droiditemcreate. I renamed the script k_workbench_bdd.nss saved and compiled. It compile with no errors the first time through mind you.


I then replaced the script in T3's dialogue that launches just the upgrade function with my new script.


I started the game at a save right before T3 was in the party and got to his upgrade dialogue. When it launched it created the item create worktable and under the ranged upgrades(these are the ones the droid armor replaced) there were my 12 droid armors.


For those doubting thomas's out there keep your eye's peeled for my upcoming Painted Droids mod. This will be a new feature included in there.

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Originally posted by tk102

So you created a new 2da file and referenced it in a new script. That's pretty cool. :D


The part about using a savegame prior to getting T3 though -- that isn't necessary is it?


I used the save prior to T3 mostly for testing purposes as I have found the game occasionally rejects any sort of change to some of it's elements after you have initiated them especially when it deals with 2da files and models as well as the occasional script. I mostly mentioned it as part of my test process as proof of concept and effect. This also gives people some example of what, when and where I got my results.

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Originally posted by tk102

After purusing the nwscript.nss, it appears that the only function capable of reading a custom .2da file is the ShowUpgradeScreen function.


In that case I shall endeavor to rename the thread.


-EDIT- It appears I don't have permission to change the thread title. If a moderator would be so nice as to change it to the new title in the first post that would be nice.

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