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EMI Grog, Sam & Max on eBay

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If you've always wanted a boxed, sealed original PC copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road, or a bottle of one of those crazy bottles of Escape from Monkey Island promotional Grog, now's your chance, because I need money!




Sam & Max Hit the Road PC






Escape from Monkey Island Grog

(And bonus Monkey Island beermats/coasters)



As a bonus, I'll be putting in one issue of LucasArts' old "The Adventurer" newsletter in with each auction. I've got a pile of old issues, so the one you get will be up to chance. It's guaranteed to be one of the older ones (pre-95) though, since I don't have very many new issues.

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You can choose for the auction to last either 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days.


If a bottle of grog sells (as good as) instantly for 30 bucks, how much of a gamble is it to try 40 bucks or more?

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