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Killer strategies


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this thread is focused on the strategies of swbattlefront

post your own ideas for takin on your opponents


These are just a *few* Things I have found and observed

FYI: I like to play when team damage is off so these strategies are generally for that


*General strategies


Destroy all ammo droids in no-man’s-land and on the enemy’s side to prevent snipers from sending endless orbital bombardmen


Drain posts to white then move to next post

Only works with many other safe green posts and you are using a high mobility unit (jet)


Always advance don’t stop jump and weave there are people behind you to mop up what you leave behind


Vehicles are great transports

EX: Rocket trooper and need to get near to an ATTE to lay mines underneath

Grab a geonosian fighter


-Para trooping

If a pilot fly low press ‘e’ to bail

don’t land deny your craft to the enemy

also works if you’re the gunner just wait until your over a post and ‘e’ it


When on a map were there are light vehicles head to head

make sure a gunner is to be had

especially for the ATST (main gun range issues)


*Map specific




Rebels Strategies

-Boxing the Imps


--good snow speeders pilot gunner combos are to be had

-- a heavily guarded hanger or at least alert defenders


Let Imperials capture front cave/echo base entrance CP and middle cave base CP

Close in for the kill capturing main entrance post and far post

Imperials are left enclosed in the cave with no way out and a only one post (ATATs and spawners are dispatched by snowspeeders)

Move in for the kill



-Taliban snowspeeder :)

(if no good pilots are to be had)

heavily mine a snow speeder and fly it into and ATAT. Repeat.

??? possibly if flown near and not into ATAT speeder will remain undamaged (tk being off) ???


Sniper can hide by back entrance of rebel front/top/far post nearest to the ATATs next to the ammo droid

And launch orbital bombardments at ATATs

Only works with sipers on the ridge to cover your scoped in rear

Not to many as to draw the interest of an ATST


Be a rebel Para trooper


Imperial Strategies


-ATAT survival tips

pesky snowspeeders got you down

bring the two atats back to front or side to side

speeders attempting to tow will crash into the walkers


ATATs are slow and cumbersome so there might not be enough time

So bring the ATSTs up quickly next to the ATATs to serve as obstacles for the speeders to fly into


Destroy all repair droids

So as to not waist the lucky shots of your missile troops

Mine the droids (especially in the hanger) as well to take the fliers out landing


In capturing the hanger jump jet on top of the Falcon to capture CP


With Jet trooper (at the start of the game)

Spawn at the non ATAT post and head over the ridge

Make for their front entrance

Don’t capture that post and don’t stick around don’t draw attention

Head with speed for the center cave Post

Hope that its to early for them to mine the cave

Capture the center cave echo base post and head for the hanger

If the rebels are not paying attention the game is pretty much over



*Bespin Platforms



Both overwhelmed in the air

(Ties = missile magnets, the droid fighter has a large splash damage)

So head to the air with the purpose of switching sides to deprive the enemy of their aircraft

In the process man some of their planes to shoot down the remaining enemy aircraft

All that’s left are the orange cloud speeders

Do it quickly enough and you can win this one despite the disadvantage of having marginal airpower



Be a jet and grab a fighter

Land on top of the droids/CIS main CP

Hop out and jet down to the front

Hover there and shot the gunner in the anti air turret

Grab it yourself and start shooting the enemy on the ground focusing on the maps central post

If done right they wont realize it for a while


For all except empire

Fly fighters and land them directly on the main CP’s second (w/ turrets) level

If done right they cant be flown out



On Either the Rebel Republic side or the Imperial CIS side

The main CP can be captured from the turret level

Just head for the alcoves on the wall

They look like doors but don’t open


*Bespin Cloud City



On top of the two right upper level CPs there are ledges

Perfect place for rocket troopers to land and reign down fire


*Naboo Theed


The fountains make great hiding spots/ and cover from vehicles


There’s two very small ledge above the top end CP

A clone jet trooper can just barely land on one of them and be in range to capture the post




On the left side of the map the platforms are laid out like this



-------- Low 1-------Plat 1

Low 2


Clones: Capture High and Low 2

Let your opponent have Low 1

Low 1 has no turrets for bots to man

Plat 1 without CP has turrets and is easy for the droids to hold

Turn low 1 into a killing zone for the droids not for yourself


Capture and hold all high platforms


Good Sniper map especially for droids


CIS - Droids

Use droidikas for their speed and head for the far posts at game start



*Tatooine - Mos Esly



A single rocket trooper can defend

Top left (not the hanger or the bar) CP against jet trooper attacks

Just lay mines and keep moving looking at the rood tops

Have pilots repair damaged ammo and health posts


Great map for the orbital bombardments





Defend ATTEs from rocket droids with mines

the clone pilot’s weapon would be effective

Destroy the ships at the rear for some reason their spawn tickets just fall apart and the game is pretty much over



Destroy the ATTEs (place mines underneath)

They will just spawn troops if left alone

That’s should be the main focus

Protect spire

Good places to snipe on the ridge edges of the map





An ATST can be brought through the wooded speeder pathway on the right of the map

Easy way to avoid missile troopers

Just head directly to the back post and park next to the repair droid while your gunner takes the CP



For rebels and republic

The pool past the droid room

Can be easily defended by a rocket trooper laying mines

From the enemy walking up from their main post



thats what I have found

post your own strategies and idea and game quirk observations

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Also, In Geonosis, focus on capturing the east and west bunkers and hold them along with the Derelict. Let the battle continue dwindling there forces while AT-TEs destroy ships(which isn't necassary 'cept on campaign). When CIS forces are bottle up in spire, probably 30 players inside, bombard on both sides with ARC troopers and jet dudes.


Also, if they stuck in bunkers, send snipers to bombard them with orbital strikes using the near ammo droids in spire and derelict.

You also need extreme percision when keeping CIS forces bottled up.

Same for CIS cept destroy the main republic base instead of ships.

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Originally posted by JediKiller23

all you have to do for Hoth is have the two ATAT's side by side and ajacent to each other so that nobody can trip them with a tow cable. It works trust me!!

It does. Though not that easy to accomplish with strangers and I doubt the other clan would find it an honourable act in matches.


Some good general strategies, keep it up.

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On tatooine dune see be a sniper for any faction. get a ship and fly on to one of the large rocks over looking a enemy command post. then kill them all!




use the republic, be a sniper. when u spawn dont spawn at the sandcrawler. Find the ammo droid behind a rock so your well covered. send put ur recon droid. make the droid use the air strike near the rock bridge becase most of the time the CIS come charging through there quite quickly and the air strike takes most of them out

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this is a good stategy for two player on kasyyk docks.

me and my friend do this all the time...

Im a sniper and my friend is a jet trooper. We both spawn on the same walkway above the pier. I stand next to an ammo droid and my friend go down the end next to the command post. I then send my recon droid out and have it call in an airstrike all over the pier. once everything is destroyed i then cover my friend as he takes the command post. then we just repeat it for the other pier.

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rebels: Be a wookie, grab a speeder bike and go to the bunker. go the around the battle field so you dont atracked any unwanted atention. then once ur in the bunker place the time bombs near the light emiter thingy. once you've done this (the thing still wont be destroyed) stand a good distance away and use you grenade launcher to bombard it. again this wont/shouldn;t destroy it so go out side and go to the ammo droid and get more time bombs and then go and finish the job. One the shield bunker has been destrroyed capture the command post that spawns the At-St's then kill whats left of them.


Empire: Grab an AT-ST and go around the side carefully not walking none of the ewok traps. go to the rebels main command post, get out and take it. wait a while so more troops can spawn there then go and take the village. soon the rebel forces should be gone

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Rock on Cooler King! Now THAT's a helpful post... THAT's a posting that tells hints.


Hint: A brief or indirect suggestion; a tip


I've read through these threads, and thus far about 90% of them OR MORE actually don't contain very many hints at all. They contain the obvious... things that any monkey could figure out from reading the instructions, and/or playing the game.


We all know to eliminate the enemy's units, primarily with our own units and an array of weapons to choose from, and we all know to capture CPs. These are not hints. They're objectives. They're rules to abide by if we want to win.


The Cooler King's primary post, here... now THAT's what a bunch of HINTS looks like. GREAT HINTS, too... by Cooler King, AND by some of you others. Please keep 'em coming!

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On Bespin Cloud City, I always take the upper passageways first. Don't even bother with the courtyard. Once you have taken the upper passegeways, then you can fire down on the courtyard. Lots of enemies will be in the turrets making them easy kills. Once you have the passegeways secure, go ahead and take the rest of the command posts. Leave the courtyard for last because the enemy has a disadvantage there.


Same idea with Yavin 4 Arena. Take the two higher command posts. Don't worry about the middle command post until you have both turrets and a bunch of snipers firing down and backing you up. Then take the outside command posts.

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