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The Official Swamp Episode III Thread ! *Spoilers*


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I thought I might as well get in first.... :)


With the exception of a couple of Belgians and perhaps Sabretooth(who won a premiere tickets competetiton) I'd say us Aussies are going to be among the first to see Ep3, due to our weird timezones.


Right now it is a mere few hours or so before I watch that opening scroll for the very last time in a SW movie....




I'd like to hear others thoughts and feelings after watching Ep3.....



*packs kleenex*



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Originally posted by Astrotoy7

Right now it is a mere few hours or so




Dude - Australia rocks.



I'm getting a bit concerned about the tickets though. I gave 'em my address, but they haven't come in yet, and if they don't come tomorrow...





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Well, I'm going to my friends' house together with Herminator and Ragnos of the Swamp now, where we're watching EP2 one last time and just chilling out before going to the theatre to see it. I'm very, very,very, very excited. :D


In only 5 hours and 4 minutes we'll see the scrolling opening text. :eek:

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it's 3.33am.... Im a combination of very tired and ABSOLUTELY AWESTUCK :)


Episode III was everything I hoped it was......and so much more. Also I was glad I went spoiler free :)


Definitely some absolutely awesome action scenes and some pretty gruesome stuff. Compared to it, TPM seems like a kids movie :)


Im too darn tired to write anything more than this....but I look forward to hear what others say upon seeing it :)


gonna have a nice long sleep, get up and go watch it again :)


and yes, when those blue font credits roll, the true fanboy among you will find it hard to not be moved at some level....



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Wow, five happy smilies from Astro is a very good sign. ;)


Sometimes I hate my time zone. I still have a good 13 hours to go. After I take my final for art history class this afternoon, I'm going to drive over to my friend's house, change into my Kyle Katarn costume from Halloween, and go to the theater to wait in line.


I had a hard time sleeping last night and woke up much earlier than usual out of sheer anticipation today. It's like Christmas eve for geeks. :p

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I'm so exicited. I honestly shouldn't be, but it's very cool. There's been people camping out for days in front of the theatre; something that I've never seen happen here. Not even for AOTC. :eek:


My little brothers are going to be wearing their brand spankin' new jedi robes and boots, while wielding those adorable plastic lightsabers. It's going to ROCK! :D


Gonna have to get there early tomorrow or they'll be so disappointed. :(

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SO friggin awsome!


'You're under arrest, "milord"' = best line ever.


No dialog for Jar Jar, hurrah!



Remember how Amy Allen stated that she doesn't die? Well she does. in a quite obvious way too.


GREAT soundtrack, with "borrowing" of the classics such as Duel of the Fates and Luke and Leia ROTJ theme.


Hayden showed that he could act afterall. All the other actors were magnificent too, and almost everyone pulled off their dialog very nicely.

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