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The Official Swamp Episode III Thread ! *Spoilers*


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Back from 2nd screening :)


I love it ! I love it all !! I just cant get over the start and the end...... The space battle and the immolation scenes are just abso-freakin-luteley awesome, and pure Star Wars.... :D


and R2.....coolest. droid. evar :)


I would like to give a special thanks to GL for this one.... awesome achievement. Those ILM people are just unbelievable....




gonna go see it tomorrow too with a different bunch of people :) already bought tix today... cant wait !!



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i have a headache from it since i sat on the second row trying to take in all the fx at once...


yes it was worth the wait



yeah but that little padawan owns the crap out of a handful of clones before he bites it... and i think they could have withheld the anticlimatic cry of vader spreading his arms showing emotion



the juxtaposition between the final scenes were exactly what the movie needed.

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Originally posted by ZBomber

Yeh, it was kinda weird having Vader show emotion and say Padme

That was powerful **** though man. In his mind, he now has NOTHING to lose. All chances for return have faded for him, he has only himself to live for. This makes him more dangerous than anyone or anything in the entire galaxy.


I loved the frankenstein scene. I cried when Mace bit it. Hell the entire bits of the purge they showed made me cry. My brain has actually shut down because that was just too awesome.



Best. Movie. EVER!


With a couple more viewings I'm sure this will become my favourite of the series. Battle Of The Heroes totally blew away any duel, and can only be rivaled by the RoTJ duel. Powerful stuff. I almost hate George for ruining any chance of me ever having anywhere near this amount of joy for any other movie ever again.

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Code 66





That.. that was awesome. There are so many parts I loved. I loved Grievous' henchmen, they were so awesome.


The only thing I wasn't too happy about (but not too upset because I was expecting it) was Grievous himself. The way he died was very cheap I thought. :p[/pointlessrant]


But yeah, the whole thing was just overwhelmingly awesome.


And, I was very surprised, EVERYTHING was explained.

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Originally posted by Mike Windu

Good to see that the general consensus is "OMG THIS MOVIE IS T3H ROXXORX"




yeah, I havent heard anyone bitch about it overall....feels weird I must say.......


other little tidbits :


*Jar Jar on screen 3 seconds and says NOTHING YAY !!


*Yoda PWNS Royal Guards


*The many cool type of clonies - cant wait to track down all those figurines


*No Mon mothma.....mustve been cut....have to wait for the dvd I guess :)

(which has been announced for November)


*I agree with IG, having watched the CW cartoons, I was expecting grievous to be a bit more kickass... and that coughing, sounded like my uncle with emphysema :p


Still, overall - LOVE IT...(I'll say it again) Im not gonna say its better than ESB or not, because they were made too far apart and directed with different styles...


Im wondering, if ROTK got 'best picture' at the oscars, would ROTS even be nominated next year ?? (im sure it will get Best visual effects)



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Just watched the movie.. best of the PT by far.. The entire storyline flowed so well, you could just see the event of the OT coming together by the end of the movie.


When the credits started rolling, a catharsis occured, a feeling of finally knowing the whole story and being content with it.


It was mad opening sequence, watching it at the cinemas made u feel like u were on a star wars ride or something, it really captivated the audience (especially after showing 25min of trailers and adds)


It was cool how all the technology, characters and even troopers slowly evolved into pre-OT standard. The clone trooper suits, the emperor's imperial shuttle, all the other starships.. its just blended the whole saga together.


Hayden Christiansen realy pulled through, though all the acting was a better standard than ep2, he was by far the best, his fall to the dark side was perfectly done. Even the love scenes and dialogue with portman were well done, much better than ep2.


Palpatine goes a bit out of control and senile in parts of the movie, especially when he's gettin wasted by windu, but once he puts on that hood the whole character was perfect. And yeh that Vader cry seemed a bit bizaare.


Though the dialogue wasnt perfect, the story telling was absolutely masterful, GL at his best..


Something that didnt make sense to me was Padme dying after childbirth.. how does this relate to RotJ:

Luke: Do u remember ur mother? ur real mother?

Leia: paraphrase).. memories. She died when i was very young. She was beautiful yet sad.


How does she remember that???


Neways other contradictions may arise..but the movie was brilliant.. i felt like going and watchin the OT straight afterwards..

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Originally posted by abespam

Something that didnt make sense to me was Padme dying after childbirth.. how does this relate to RotJ:

Luke: Do u remember ur mother? ur real mother?

Leia: paraphrase).. memories. She died when i was very young. She was beautiful yet sad.


How does she remember that???


As far as Leia saying she remembered her mother she does say "just feelings, images really" suggesting she really didn't know her mother just a vague 'sense' of her which can easily be ascribed to her sensitivity in the force.


- taken from Havoc Stryphe over at echonet.

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Because of the one scene with R2D2 when

He peirces the one droid and makes him leak oil, and then he engages the jetpacks and burns them. I was like, HOLY HELL, R2 PWNS! And how he popped out of the ships was just priceless to me.

I will always like R2D2 like 10 times more.


Yeah, the whole Grievous thing was stupid, but great at the same time. And I thought, especially after playing Republic Commando, that The battle of Kashyyyk was gonna be a bigger part of the movie. And when the kid jumped out and saved senetor organa by lopping some clone heads off. I was like, **** yeah man, I may go down, but I aint goin down without a fight.


I am seeing it again today methinks :D

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I saw the midnight screening with a friend of mine last night. The movie was AWESOME!!! I don't think anything can top The Empire Strikes Back, but this came pretty darn close.


Things I liked:


*Finally, a large scale space battle for the prequels.

*Super Battle Droids getting owned by R2. :D

*Obi-Wan's bada** dismount from his fighter in the Separatist command ship.

*General Grievous. Four lightsabers=awesome.

*The Tantive IV.

*Seeing a bit of what Alderaan looks like.

*MUCH better acting for Anakin and Padme. Hayden and Natalie finally got their chance to show the full potential of their acting skills.

*I was able to watch the movie without knowing about too many spoilers! :)


Things I didn't like (though these are very minor complaints, I assure you):


*The new high-pitched voices for the battle droids.

*They should've emphasized Anakin's willingness to do whatever it takes for what he feels is right sooner, but that's more of an Episode II complaint.


Things that moved me or brought me to tears:


*Mace Windu's death. It happened so suddenly that I was too shocked to cry.

*The Jedi Purge. I know that it had to happen, but it was still unbelievably sad when it did. :(

*Anakin's slaughter of the younglings.

*Obi-Wan's "You were the Chosen One!" dialog.

*Padme's funeral and the jappor snippet reference from Episode I.

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Other than the immolation scene, I think the most emotionally powerful would be when Yoda was on Kashyyyk, when he droppped his cane after sensing all the jedi deaths. All his teachings had blown up in his face. Not allowing yourself to miss those who have become part of the force. And these were all jedi that he'd trained at one point or another and even raised. That single drop and look in his eye really made that movie powerful. Then came the immolation scene and Ewans speech was incredible. I couldn't stop crying, I felt bad for both of them. Anakin only wanting to protet those he love, including Obi-Wan himself, but he went about it the wrong way. And Obi because he not only lost his best friend and brother to evil, but he lost him to himself. Having to "kill" someone he loved dearly, that's powerful ****.

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what was so great about the story itself is that anakin was suckered into the dark side by palpantine stating he could achieve the ability to cheat death... which the dreams he had opf padme dying in childbirth frightned him as much as those which his mom suffered..


the only reason he joiune dthe dark side was to save padmes life... and ultimatley he was the one that caused her death..


irony... at its... best.....

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